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Squanky Kong - Imminent Insurrection


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A twisted path of Hybrid Rock, highlighted by aggressive 6-string bass and soaring electric guitars, fused with Jazz, Funk, Classical, and other influences.

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Artist Biography

Beginning in its infancy around 1994, Squanky Kong is the musical vision of composer/producer James M. House (JMH).

Comprised of bass and guitars played by JMH himself, various musicians are brought in to complete the musical vision. Some of those musicians in past and present include Joseph Wooten on Keyboards (Joseph and the Hands of Soul, Steve Miller Band, and Victor Wooten Band), Joseph Michael on Vocals, Danner on Vocals (Domeshots), Halie Loren on Vocals, Paul Biondi on Woodwinds, Drummers Paul Smith and Erik Avery, and many more.

JMH pursues his mix of Rock music, dubbed "Hybrid Rock", a majority of the time, with experimental excursions into other styles on occasion. Initial album releases by Squanky Kong were done with a mix of this diversity, a natural point to avoid being pigeon-holed. Subsequent releases have been intended to keep more focused on the Hybrid Rock while saving the all-out experimentation and exploration for separate side releases and occasionally live.

The live performances vary depending on the band line-up, with JMH switching between guitar and bass being the main constant.  Lead vocalist Joseph Michael is currently fronting the band. The remaining supporting musicians currently coming from a group of session musicians including Lamar Little (Drums), selected depending on availability and production needs. The band can be anywhere from a 4-piece to 6-piece arrangement including JMH on guitar/bass.

Press Release
October 13th, 2015

Squanky Kong's Imminent Insurrection Is Here.

Squanky Kong releases the new extended play record “Imminent Resurrection” on October 13th. Along with the release, the second single to come from the record, "Pressure Tank", is beginning radio play promotion.
Imminent Insurrection is the first new music from Squanky Kong released since the 2008 independent album debut,”Under a Raven's Review”. The record introduces a new lead vocalist Joseph Michael working with SK mastermind James M. House. As with previous releases, House is playing all the guitar and bass instrumentation with the studio work. House brought on LA drummer Lamar Little in 2014 to put down the rhythm tracks. There are also keyboard contributions on a song by longtime friend Joseph Wooten (Steve Miller Band and Victor Wooten Band), whom was also featured on the 2008 album.
Squanky Kong is described as Hybrid Rock with influences across a broad range of the Rock genre, infused with hints of Jazz, Funk, Classical, Blues, Reggae, EDM, and more. It is not a typical rock band. It is a work of House acting as composer, producer, and performer, more reminiscent of leaders of the Big Band Era or avant-garde artists like Frank Zappa.
Previously only a product of studio productions, House has been working in Los Angeles this past year to put together some form of live show, likely with a 5-6 piece band including himself switching between guitar and bass. Squanky Kong has seen a fast growing fanbase online with social media so far, despite not having a live band, or fresh material for years, Facebook likes having surpassed 77,000 recently.
This release marks the first of many milestones in further developing Squanky Kong both as an artistic endeavor and as a business. It will be joined with the upcoming live shows, and eventually music videos, new merchandise, and other materials. House is now focusing on building up his team, interested in delegating management and possibly partnering up with another label, current running everything on his independent label under Squank Entertainment. A long-term goal for House is to use his background in business to start a private investment campaign to gather additional funding. He is confident that even in the rough economic climate in the music business, there is a market to make Squanky Kong a profitable and self-sustaining endeavor. He stresses it is just a matter of getting the right momentum to engage the bustling international market and further develop the music and music brand.
The music business has become a new game, and no one really knows the rules yet. It is time for artists to start thinking out-of-the-box as we roll the dice.”, says House.

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