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Qualia - Triptych (EP)

Indie/electro rock

United States

Band Description

The sophomore EP from Qualia; now Seattle-based, the musical outfit remains faithful to its founding elements - anthemic melodies, un-obvious lyricism, ecstatic arrangements and an unabashed love of all things digital, retro and pixelated.

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Artist Biography

Qualia was formed in 2014 by Michael Hazani as a musical refuge from his daytime gig as a freelance songwriter/producer for hire. The band's debut, “This Is the Color of My Dreams”, was released in 2014 and quickly garnered online buzz for its uncompromising lyricism and musicality, as well as the immersive, interactive 3d songscapes that accompanied the singles. In the same year Qualia (in band formation) toured the East Coast, broadened its reach and won the John Lennon Innovators In Music Competition, which led to a special performance at Berklee College of Music (of which all band members are alumni).
Qualia's upcoming EP, "Triptych", takes on a more organic approach while staying faithful to the integrity, imagination and drama of the band's previous music; now located in Seattle, Hazani plays Qualia shows utilizing a solo electronic setup and plans to tour the West Coast throughout 2015.

Press Release
Some deeply emotive indie rock for you from Seattle: mastermind Michael Hazani and his new group Qualia. Filled with tasty retro electronic elements taking center stage alongside powerful choruses and lush soundscapes his new record is not the kind of thing you just spin once and then put away, instead the three songs that make up Triptych are to be spun again and again in a quest for meaning.
A Semifinalist in the International Songwriting Competition two years running and the 2014 John Lennon Songwriting Competition winner Michael Hazani clearly knows what he's doing with Qualia. Otherwise why would he have been selected to play the A3E expo at Berklee College of Music? The point being – Qualia is indie rock for a new generation, are you ready?
Download the EPK on Dropbox:
Stream the record: https://soundcloud.com/qualiasongs/sets/triptych/ and http://qualia-music.com
Find them on Facebook: facebook.com/qualiasongs
Band/Artist: Qualia
Location: Seattle, WA, USA
Styles: Electro rock / indie rock
Similar to/RIYL: The Postal Service, the Arcade Fire, Imagine Dragons, Muse
EP: Triptych
Release date: September 15th, 2015

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