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Yulianna is a Russian/American singer/songwriter, she achieved popularity in the music world in the early 2000s by combining her classical training with mainstream. She charted on the Billboard Dance/Club Songs Chart in 2013 at number 4.

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Yulianna, can only be described as the voice of a generation. Her unbridled talent has exhibited itself effortlessly in each endeavored; from her award winning vocal and violin performances in her youth, where she won back-to-back competitions in the Applause Young Artists Showcase, to where she stands now on the brink of pop-stardom with her up-coming album, there’s no denying her immense talent. Yulianna attended the California Institute of the Arts, immersing herself in a wide variety of songwriting styles and genres from baroque to jazz and pop; she took her time studying under a vast network of highly regarded singers, composers and songwriters that inspired her to pursue her dreams. Not surprisingly, she built up a network of creative minds that she began to work with, including; Peter Rafelson (Jackson Browne, Elton John), Dave Aude(Coldplay, U2), and Carmen Rizzo (Seal, Dido) as she set out to write and develop songs for various projects.
Not long after earning her Masters degree she set to work on her first album, Race Car, with help from Grammy-nominated producer Robin Nixon.  Directed by Academy Award-winning director Waleed Moursi, the video “Race Car” won Best Music Video at the Colorado Film Festival, the first of many achievements for Yulianna. With stellar performances at renowned venues like the World Disney Concert Hall, the Sundance Film Festival, as well as famous Los Angeles venues like the Viper Room, the Key Club and The Mint Room; there has never been any doubt that she’s on her way to an amazing career that included a consistently growing list of accomplishments.
Her biggest hit to date has been the epic collaboration between herself and Grammy-winning produced, Walter Afanasieff (Mariah Carey, Christina Aguilera) and lyricist Lindy Robbins (Faith Hill, Selena Gomez), entitled “Forgiveness.”  It’s an ethereal and stunning display of Yulianna’s vocal prowess, as well as a showcase for her talents as a burgeoning songwriter. The song and coinciding video garnered an incredible buzz with over a million views on YouTube, even being submitted for Best Instrumental Arrangement with Accompany Vocals for the 55th Annual Grammy Awards in 2012. The explosive video won a myriad of awards including Best Music Video at both the Naperville Film Festival (NIFF) and the Las Vegas Film Festival (LVFF); while the single itself has seen radio play internationally on major FM stations such as Los Angeles’ KDAY and Las Vegas’ KCEP as well as London’s ChoiceFM. The critical acclaim of “Forgiveness” was the perfect jumping off point for future collaborations and the ultimate release of her first major dance/pop álbum.
Yulianna’s first full-length dance album, “Californ-i-a,” was entirely written and produced by herself and established writer/producers RAS(The Wanted, Jordin Sparks, Big Time Rush) and Spencer Nezey (Electropop, Jupiter Rising). Yulianna’s friendships with stellar musicians have allowed her to have Grammy Nominated guitarist John Brown welcomed into the fold, creating stifling hot backdrop to her operatic, powerhouse vocals infused into pop music perfection in much the same way Mariah Carey has done. The album possesses influences from every genre, from the hard hitting, club-banging beats of Rihanna to the self-affirming, synth-infused pop of Lady Gaga. Throw in a touch of old-school hip-hop and even a bumping reggae-esque track, Yulianna has taken her vast knowledge of music and incorporated it into an absolutely unique album that speaks to who she is. It’s not surprising that with influences spanning a variety of artists from Celine Dion to Freddie Mercury and Madonna, she would find a way to incorporate everything into a well-crafted dance album that demands the listeners attention from start to finish.  Set to be released in January of 2013, “Californ-i-a” is an inspiring and eclectic mix of pop tunes that is sure to usher in the age of Yulianna. Keep your eyes and ears tuned in to watch as she sets off on this new and exciting chapter of an already well-defined and critically acclaimed career.

Press Release
“I believe in true love, taking me high, higher than I’ve ever been before” 

Pop songstress, Yulianna, returns with a powerful new single, “True Love.” Already a praised vocalist and songwriter, Yulianna had a stellar 2014 with a tracks climbing up Billboards Electro Dance charts and opportunities to tour the world with her dynamic stage presence and hard hitting dance tracks. Her last album, “Popra,” was an eclectic mix of styles that featured everything from electro synths to hints of opera and sultry pop ballads. The critically acclaimed collection of songs was featured in online publications from POPDOSE to Pause and Play, garnering even more attention with features in Russian American Magazine. Rolling Stone, and The Phuket News as she toured across the world. With the success of “Popra” fresh in everyone’s mind, she ventured back into the studio with producer Jeff Blue (Linkin Park, Macy Gray and owner of Rock Shop Music Group) to further define her sound with an up-coming release.
Her new single, “True Love” is a cleverly constructed take on never giving up on true love despite the avalanche of chaos it can often possesses. This pop jam features a breakneck electronic chorus with stunning vocals and colourful arrangements; grafting the shouts of “I believe in true love, taking me high, higher than I’ve ever been before” into your mind. The melody soars atop the sucker-punch of a hook that hammers the message home, building a groove inspiring song that encompasses an actual storyline. Yulianna’s trademark mix of authentic lyrics and bumping beats crafts a light-hearted yet full bodied sound that still allows her audience to twirl around the dance floor. Be sure to take a listen to Yulianna’s hooky new single, “True Love,” now! 


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