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The Man on the Moon is unlike anything else. Auto Tune was not invited to the party, Somebody spiked the punch with originality,and there was a melody orgy in every room of the house. WILD!If you haven't heard of K.I., you missing out!

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Ever since the age of 5, this big head little boy from Louisville, Ky, been snging and writing songs. If only he was in a bigger city, he would be a star. He opened up for the best people who came to the city. From Ginuwine, Next, Playa, Trick Daddy, Trina, Rick Ross, JT Money, Plies, Ice T, Too Live Crew, Lyfe Jennings and more. Been all over the country , now he's settled down now and has finished his masterpiece of bundles of flavors that y'all been denying. Enough of this jibber jabber Go buy Man on the Moon. Follow me on twitter @IamKI Be a friend not just a fan

Press Release
Stephan Young       
Cell phone:(502)292-7268

Album of the Year
The Man on The Moon will be one of your favorites as soon as you can soak in the colorful melodies that this young man K.I. has put together. From "Like Me" to the explosive single "Famous." From touching songs such as "Yours Again" to club bangers like "The Set Up." It's all original and vocally inspiring. You've just got to get one of these LPs. Tell a friend, lover, or family member. Trust, this is only the beginning!

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