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Salamanda is ugly pop music made by Ryan Jackson. A single and video "let me hold you" were release in late 2014, and an EP and game for iOS were recently released in 2015.

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Artist Biography
Ryan  Jackson (born August 27, 1984), is  Salamanda, is a American music producer, and singer-songwriter. ?

Born and raised in LA, Jackson started his first band ‘Endless Hallway’ as lead singer in 2004 and recorded their two studio albums (Autonomy Games released under Wind-Up Records and a self-titled album released independently) while living in Portland.?
Jackson’s new music, Salamanda, indiscriminately communicates both the “ugly and pure” parts of life situations including desperation, jubilance, and anxiety. Salamanda is Jackson’s way of urgently expressing his feelings as he mixes undeniable dance beats with natural sound errors to express these high and low points of existence. 

Press Release
EP1 is the recently released (2015) debut from Salamanda.

Salamanda is Ryan Jackson, an artist from LA. Along with the EP, a self made game, "Salamanda

Ball" is availible in the iOS and Google App stores for free.


Prior to EP1, a single and video were released for the song "Let me hold you" ( late 2014)


Salamanda is ugly pop music.


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