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Leslie Diamond - Leslie Diamond EP

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Leslie Diamond is no stranger to the stage. She has performed across the country and around the world in the music and theater realms. Her eclectic pop/rock sound was inspired by artists ranging from Aretha Franklin to Paul McCartney to Fiona Apple. Her parents had an old piano in their basement and she began playing and composing songs at a very young age. She performed in her local church, went on to study theater and performed Internationally with the company of RENT. 
 During this chapter she was collecting stories and journaling. She has found this time in NYC to be the perfect time to come back to her first love of music. There is an honesty to her music, a bit of humor and a hunger for wanting more. She challenges the past, relishes in the present, and looks to the future. Leslie thrives in the live performance and her sweet rock vocals are not to be missed.

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Artist Biography
With the release of her self titled EP, Leslie Diamond brings old and new together by (combining a roots rock feel with country and indie pop accents, all while her soulful vocals create addicting melodies, and her rock drive shines for radio friendly choruses.

The first single "If I Failed To Mention" is a country pop song that grows rich with layered instrumentation as the song builds to its heartfelt chorus.
"If I Failed To Mention" was written when I was first married, which was an exciting time, but not an easy time. There was (conflict as) we were getting used to sharing our worlds.  We did work through it and it was all worth it for the love that we still have now." explains the songwriter of her single.

Although the single says plenty for any good pop (country) song, to get a good understanding of where Leslie was coming from during the creation of this record, it must be heard in its entirety.

Leslie started singing in church from a very young age. She's been writing songs and singing since then. After a number of years (of traveling and) performing in the theater, she ran into musician friends in New York and began recording music. Soon after she met Tony Tino, a bass player, when she joined in with his cover band at a live show uptown one night. From there they formed the rest of the band and she's been playing venues downtown NYC ever since, as well as the acclaimed NY Songwriter's Circle.

Leslie has performed on National and International tours of RENT, and along with performers such as Gary Cherone of Extreme at the Barn Theater.

The EP is available now on most digital outlets and she is planning a summer/fall tour

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