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The power of Celine Dion with the tone of Shania Twain, and the sass of Alanis Morissette. Her vocal qualities are inspired by Jennifer Nettles and Stevie Nicks with the writing styles of Kacey Musgraves and Taylor Swift.

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Debbie Williams is a singer/songwriter from Rochester, New York. Debbie received her degree from SUNY Fredonia with a BFA in Musical Theatre, and a dance minor. After graduating she relocated to New York City to pursue her dreams. Debbie has traveled throughout the world performing and can more recently be seen playing the role of Summer in “How Do You Write A Joe Schermann Song?” The film won "Film of the Festival" at Raindance, and several other awards across the film festival circuit. It is now featured on Amazon, iTunes, Walmart, and Netflix. Empire Magazine describes Debbie's work in the film as "vivacious" and claims that " Schermann's quest for perfection would fall flat without the beauty and soaring voice of Debbie Williams, who is destined for the top on the basis of this thrilling performance." Debbie has been described as "having the power of Celine Dion, the tone of Shania Twain and the sass of Alanis Morissette." 

Debbie released her EP on Sept 18th, 2014 with a feature in the Country New and Noteworthy Section of iTunes. You can hear her music on KGUP 106.5 FM Los Angeles, Women of Substance Radio, ForTheCountryRecord.com, LimarStereo.com, The Hooda Highlife Show, LIVE365, Tunecore, Noisetrade, Front Range Radio (Colorado), KMGC Radio The Roadhouse, BRCFP Radio, Opus Music Radio, and Skope Radio on SkopeMag.com, Q106.8 Country, and many more. She has been featured recently on ForTheCountryRecord.com, The Daily Country, Music Inform, and is up for "Best Country Artist" in the Los Angeles Artists in Music Awards. Debbie's mission as an artist is to bring truth and vulnerability to music in a way that can affect our youth. She wants to be a role model as well as a leader to make a difference in the world. Her music is so relatable and effective in a way that pulls the listener in and sparks hope. She wants to help people discover that they aren't alone in life and there IS good in this world and that we ARE the good if we let ourselves be. Debbie Williams strives to make a difference in music and effect listeners with her powerful voice and emotionally direct style of writing as an artista.

Press Release
“...the beauty and soaring voice of Debbie Williams is destined for the top on the basis of this thrilling performance. ”  
-David Parkinson, EMPIRE Magazine 
Debbie Williams is VIVACIOUS"  -David Parkinson, EMPIRE Magazine
“...the alluring Debbie Williams gives new life...” 
"Debbie Williams is a young, emotionally direct singer-songwriter with a powerful voice. " -TIMEOUT NEW YORK
Debbie Williams released her debut EP on Sept. 18th along with a FREE concert at New York City’s premier destination for authentic Texas Barbecue and Country/American Roots music, HILL COUNTRY BARBECUE MARKET.  
The 7 track debut EP For This War and for This Home reflects the power of Celine Dion with the tone of Shania Twain, and the sass of Alanis Morissette.  Recorded in the heart of Brooklyn, NY at Wescott Studios with producer Bryan Wescott Smith.  
This EP features tracks like “Unknown Entity” described as “authentic americana/bluegrass,” by Sweet Rosie Musicand 
“Fight for Peace,” a song of hope for a younger generation, referred to as “bad-ass” by Will Griggs, Executive Licensing Director of Songs 4 Screens and past Marketing Consultant for Warner Brothers Records.
Her newest release "Kissing Booth" officially releases April 28th on iTunes!  This new single is more pop and more like something you'd hear on a Taylor Swift album.  It's perfect for radio and will get you dancing in your seat once that catchy chorus hits!
Originally an artist from Rochester, NY, Debbie Williams has been performing around the world since the age of eight.  Her vocal qualities are inspired by Jennifer Nettles and Stevie Nicks with the writing styles of Kacey Musgraves and Holly Williams.  
Recently recognized for her role of Summer in the award winning indie movie musical “How Do You Write A Joe Schermann Song.” 
 “Film of the Festival” - Raindance 
Current airplay for Debbie’s music can be heard on KGUP 106.5 FM Los AngelesWomen of Substance Radio, as well as Skope Radio and has received features in ForTheCountryRecordand The Entertainment Corner , Q 106.8 Country, and severalDother country radio stations.  Debbie was featured in the top 20 indie artists and top 10 songs played on Women of Substance Radio and is currently up for “Best Country Artist” for the Los Angeles Artists in Music Awards.  
For tour dates visit her website.
Debbie Williams on the web:
For more information about Debbie Williams, please contact
or DebbieWilliamsOfficial@gmail.com
Management: Billy Marshall

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