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Reno McCarthy - Woman From The Jungle's Breakout

Dance Rock / Pop


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I’m Reno McCarthy, I was born in Cambridge UK in 1995 and I play music.

On my recordings, I play every instrument. Live, I take care of the guitar and the vocals.

I started writing and recording songs in my bedroom when I was 11, and that’s where I spent most of high school, slowly unraveling the ever so behemoth musical world! (As you can notice, I also worked on expanding my English vocabulary in the hopes of writing kick ass lyrics). Since standard education is ridiculously boring, I decided to study music at one very hip Montreal school where I met some fantastic musicians who made it possible for my songs to leave my bedroom*. Since the spring of 2013, we’ve been playing shows around the city in some great Montreal venues (L’Esco, Sala Rossa and many more).

On October 25th 2013, I self-released my debut EP Components of a Happy Life, a tiny glimpse of some rock and funk influenced pop.

You can download it here :

During the summer of 2014, I formed a duo with my back up singer and friend Mylene Cleroux.
We play my originals in a stripped down fashion as well as some covers. We also take cool pictures and like to pretend we’re models.

Here’s our Website:

2015 is upon us and I’m working harder than ever!
It shall be a year filled with funky disco grooves, fun videos and general happiness.

See you soon!

* The “Fantastic musicians who make it possible for my songs to leave my bedroom”

Edouard Brasseur : Bass and awesome out-of-place jazz licks (Edb_7@hotmail.fr)
Julien Lafrenière : Drums and great hair (julienlafreniere1@hotmail.com)
Marc-Antoine Guay-Rochon : Keyboards and a good personality (magr-95@hotmail.com)
Mylene Cléroux : Back up vocals, looks and dance moves (mylenecleroux@gmail.com)

You can send any of them an email if you want to steal them for a show (or a shampoo commercial, in Julien’s case…).
But they have to be home by 11!

Press Release
With the release of "Woman From The Jungle's Breakout", Reno McCarthy
brings new meaning to Dance Rock by working funk, soul, and an indie
pop vocal feel to an all around pop song. Layered with lush guitar
work, catchy melodies, and and up beat dance grooves, the single is sure
to make anyone get up and start moving.

"Early on in the recording process, I found myself unwittingly
bringing in more and more exotic percussions and ambience elements. At
that point, I didn’t have a clear idea of the lyrical path I would
undertake, but as soon as I added the birds, I knew it was somewhat
going to be about the jungle, even if only for the sake of continuity.
You just can’t have a song with birds and rain and marimbas and not
include “jungle” in the title." explains the songwriter of his single.

Although the single speaks volumes for Reno and his unique and fun
style of crafting song, the diversity of his library of music ranges
from indie rock to folk, singer songwriter, and much more.

After releasing the Components Of A Happy Life EP in 2013, Reno
decided to evolve his musical and songwriting style. Putting out
singles one at a time is an aspect the performer feels is more
impactual to growth as an artist.

"I grew up on rock music. It’s impossible to encapsulate my style
without mentioning it. Generally, I call it “dance rock” as the dance
element is definitely close to my heart as well. Although, at first,
it never came to me as naturally as rock, I have, over time, developed
a very deep connection with disco and funk music. However, the groove
element has always been very present in my music. ‘Woman’ is really a
quintessential track for me. It’s rock, upbeat, dancy, funky, and just
fun!" says Reno of his evolution as an artist and writer.

Originally born in  Cambridge UK, Reno was then raised in Monreal and
began writing songs at a young age. Learning to work his talents as a
guitar player into the art of songwriting, he knew he wanted to write
songs that made people smile and dance.

Reno is planning to release more singles soon along with planning a
small northeast tour for the summer. His EP's and singles are all
available for purchase and download on most digital outlets.

To hear and learn more about Reno McCarthy please visit:


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