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Axixic - Dancing On The Moon



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Pronounced: acks-icks-ick. Original songs in a variety of genres but decidedly Country.

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When your beard turns white and you chuck your former life and move to a mountain village in the tropics, there is a tendency among some people to think that maybe you are possessed of a certain wisdom. I am here to tell you that nothing could be further from the truth.

Sometimes people come to visit me here and think that I have wisdom to dispense to them: I do not. I have opinions, I have ideas, I have observations - but none of them should ever be taken seriously as some sort of representation of TRUTH. It needs to be said here, for the record, and for all time: I am completely open to the possibility - maybe probability - that I am entirely full of shit.

Such people leave disappointed, I suppose. But sometimes they contribute a track or two to what I am working on - a rhythm track, a harmony, a bass line.... I am grateful. Thank you.

Press Release
Singer-Songwriter Bill Clarke of Axixic releases Dancing on the Moon, an album that rotates around an axis of classic country, Americana - and a hint of jazz.

“Dancing on the Moon is an album that will surprise you. I encourage everyone to take a serious listen to this offering by Axixic. This is good stuff for your ears and mind!”
- Sandy Smith, KFOK-LPFM -

(AJIJIC, JALISCO, MEXICO) February 21st, 2015Axixic’s latest release is up there… Dancing on the Moon, and it contains a stellar array of songwriting. The project’s founder, Bill Clarke, has the album rotating brilliantly around an axis of classic country, Americana - and just a hint of jazz. The twelve tracks are all original and eclectic compositions from Clarke’s extensive catalog of tunes. Bill is beginning to release the singles to radio, in groups of three. The first of this trio features a blend of country tracks entitled, “Forgetting Me,” “Murky Brown,” and “Flow Sweet River.”
Clarke, a native of Canada, decided to relocate to the tropical village of Ajijic, in Mexico, to pursue his muses. He named his project Axixic - (pronounced “Acks-icks-ick”) - after the quaint paradise. It was there that he gathered his songs together for Dancing on the Moon, an idea he had been planning for years. “Many are recent, but some of the songs go back over a decade; they examine themes such as splitting up, divorce, and loneliness," explains Clarke.
A lyricist at heart, his songs center on the story, yet are wrapped in catchy melodies and phrasing. Clarke based Dancing on the Moon on the theme of the illusion of separateness.The idea for the album name and the title track, “Dancing on the Moon” germinated via Clarke’s mantra of “Just living in the moment,” as he describes. Dancing on the Moon has been cathartic for Bill Clarke. The project took over a year to complete and included the help of New Zealand-based sound engineer, Josh Angel.
The three key tracks releasing to radio are a triad of country-flavored compositions. They include the mid-tempo, drinking song, “Forgetting Me,” and the Americana, ‘bluegrass-ish’ styled, “Murky Brown.” The third song is the gentle ballad, “Flow Sweet River,” which has a classic feel leaving listeners thinking it’s a cover – but it’s an original. There’s more to be launched from Dancing on the Moon later this year. If you see an orange glow in the nighttime sky over Mexico, it’s a new Axixic track – barreling into orbit.
Bill Clarke
Ph.: (226) 444.8147

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