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Craig's music is a blend of The Swampers, Motown, Southern Rock, Outlaw Country, and Country Rock - with a complimentary touch of smokey blues. He's extremely rangy, which is evident in very selective and tastefully placed sections of certain songs.

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Craig AllenThe gift of music is one that we all enjoy but only a few can give it with ease and perfection. Craig Allen is one of the chosen few.
His smooth and rangy vocals can lay you back or put you on the edge of your seat, while the ride takes you to the depth of his soul. 
Much of Craig’s influence and introduction to music came from his childhood treasures found beneath the family Christmas tree. At the dawn of Christmas morning, he would sneak downstairs to tear a small hole in each square package, anxious to see what melodies awaited him.
Just like those multi-colored presents, Craig Allen is an impressive musical gift waiting to be unwrapped. Craig was born in South Carolina but raised in the hills of East Tennessee. He’s melted his strong southern roots with a wide array of musical influences to form his own unique sound. 
Craig AllenHe eventually found an expressive outlet in the local nightclubs. As he honed his showman skills and blended it with experience he moved on to expand his repertoire. Not only was he a favorite on the club circuit, but he was also performing with a twenty piece orchestra. 
Always testing his abilities, he opened the studio door and began sharing his inner most thoughts through the lyric of his self penned songs. His sincerity and depth shines through in his vocal performance which is a cross between electric and emotional. 
Craig is intrigued by the way country music has become a collage of musical styles. This new rhythm and sound is where he found his niche. While following his dream, he also studied media arts for two years. This was a study that gave him a better understanding of the business, but it also intensified his gaze toward the bright lights of the stage. At each level of success, Craig’s awareness is what keeps him grounded and his music energized and fresh.
Determination, raw talent, originality, and artistic soul are just a few of the surprises that await you and make Craig Allen a package worth opening. 

Press Release
With just a sip of Craig Allen’s latest release, Now That’s a Country Song, you’ll be refreshed knowing that real country music and songwriting is still alive and well.
It is touching… that good. He’s in the room when you play the thing.”
– Jimmy Hall | Music Reviewer –
(NASHVILLE, TN, U.S.A.) February 25th, 2015Craig Allen has proof that Craig Aleenauthentic, hard-hitting country music is still alive and well in Music City. Speaking of “still” and “proof,” Allen has brewed some top-shelf “Moonshine” in his latest release, Now That’s a Country Song. However, he has much more than just a score about ‘white whiskey’ to offer his thirsty fans. On this eleven-tracked-trek, Craig takes his fans through heart-tugging ballads, as well as blistering, deep-fried southern country rock.
A vocalist since the age of fifteen, Allen co-wrote and self-produced more than half of the compositions on Now That’s a Country Song. Craig can - and does - bring his real country roots and life experiences into the songs he performs. “I’m more of a lyricist. I never underestimate the power of the melody, but in the end, it’s all about the story,” he explains. Raised in the hills of Eastern Tennessee, Allen has spent years crafting his performance skills and wowing crowds on the club circuit as he made his way to Music Row. “I’ve done it all in the venues, from small gigs to performing with a twenty-piece orchestra. It’s prepared me for Nashville, offers Craig.
The key tracks on Now That’s a Country Song include the album’s title track as well as, “Moonshine,” “God Missed Her Most,” and “Dead Man’s Hand.” “Moonshine” is a slick, ‘sons-of-the-south’ lick - with a touch of traditional outlaw country rocked in for good measure. Craig’s gem, “God Missed Her Most” pulls at the heartstrings as a tender ballad about the loss of a loved one. The single is already gathering attention - not only from Craig’s fans – but also from St. Jude’s Children’s Fund,which has expressed interest in the song.
Dead Man’s Hand” is a haunting, Old West-styled, mid-tempo song that tells the story of the last cards held by the legendary Wild Bill Hickok. Allen’s self-managed ReynoldsMusicGroup has inked a marketing deal with “Dead Man’s Hand” and Bustout Poker Apparel to market the song. Now That’s a Country Song is the culmination of the years and experience Craig has put into his craft in order to pay his dues. Once fans get a sip of his “Moonshine” and other top-shelf tunes, there’s going to be a lot of people left saying, “Now That’s a Country Song.”
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