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Alex & Friends - Some Winter Tales



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Old school ambiant rock with catchy melodies and moody soundscapes

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Alex & Friends was founded in Paris on 2011 around lead singer/composer Pierre Alexander (France, 34, guitar, piano, drums, vocals). He recruited his cousin Hugh (France, 23, bass and vocals) and his ex-girlfriend Elfie (France, 33, vocals) to team up for the recording in early 2012 of the band's debut album: One Thing Left, published by Jane Songs and released on September, 2012. Backed up by Max (drums) and Erwan (lead guitar), they recorded a follow-up album, Some Winter Tales in 2014.

Press Release

New York, NY. After the angry ‘One Thing Left” published in 2012, Alex & Friends are back with the quieter yet infectuous ‘Some Winter Tales’ and the timing – with Christmas coming to town – couldn’t be more spot on.
The combo here is at its best. Pierre Alexander’s disenchanted songs are brought into life by an intricate combination of 70’s like ambiant rock and more pop-oriented tunes.
The beautiful piano-driven ballad ‘Glamorous Glow’ is a perfect introduction to Alex & Friends’ classy approach to pop music, while ‘Losing Ground’ and ‘Speed Limit’ remind the listener of how good this band is at wrapping up catchy nasty singles. As for the majestic ‘Christmas Day’ with its epic ending, a hundred listens might not be enough to capture its dark and poisonous beauty.
A very special Christmas present for a decidedly very special band.
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