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A mixture of Country, classic rock and blues. Gene writes and records his music himself, playing and singing all the parts himself in his studio. Guitar oriented country but with blues, bluegrass rock and just about anything else thrown in.

Artist Biography

Gene started as a drummer at 11, joining the musicians union at 13. He soon realized that he wanted to write music and unless it was going to be an endless drum solo, he needed to learn another instrument. One of the advantages of playing with good players was that if you wanted to learn a new instrument, there were endless opportunities to have them show you. 45 years later, Gene plays pretty well any instrument.

Today Gene spends his time writing and recording music as well as jamming with a few friends. 
High on Gene's bucket list is to chart a song where he wrote, recorded and produced it himself in his home studio.
  • History
Opening for Conway Twitty on the day his first album was released
First time hearing himself on the radio (1981)
  • Until a couple years ago
Gene had a lot of early success which he walked away from to be there for his young family
He started a business which he grew into a national company with over 500 employees. Recently sold out to follow his first love.
  • Lately
Working on getting his chops back and learning production, collecting guitars (currently 19)
According to ECMA. 12th most played song in Europe last week of May 2013  (Bottle in Front of me)

Press Release
Gene Pringle
Listening to Gene’s music, it doesn’t take long to forget you’re listening to one person. All the writing, all the production, vocals, mix etc.  A unique experience where the final product is as close to the original vision as is possible. Gene brings a lifetime of experience to this CD.
A professional press writer would talk about all the people Gene played with and the places he played, the fact he joined a band to be the keyboard player without ever playing keyboards before, and 2 weeks later playing a large arena gig. but all thats really important is the new music and the stories they tell.
14 tracks covering a wide range of music from the guitar oriented full tilt to the soft piano and strings, retro to pusing the limits.

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