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The DOVES - Wild and Strange/Shut My Mouth



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The DOVES are: Lush melodies, mystery and simplicity, the profane and the sacred, driving acoustic lyricism. The alternative to the alternative.

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Artist Biography
The DOVES hail from the musical hotbed of Macon, Georgia (USA), which boasts such luminaries as Lena Horne, Little Richard, James Brown, Otis Redding, The Allman Brothers, and members of REM among its rich musical heritage.
Husband and wife duo W. Wade (guitars, vocals) and Trena (vocals) Stooksberry have taken those influences, and many, many more, to forge a unique sound that is both original, and yet somehow immediately familiar -- and is gaining international attention and radio play.  As German blogger Walter H. put it (“A Few Good Times in My Life”):
"Leaving Atlanta, Georgia, southbound towards Savannah you'll pass Macon, the home of the married couple W. Wade and Trena Stooksberry, aka The DOVES. They combine many styles from the last 30 years into their songs… The songs are superiorly arranged with perfect harmonies of the couple. Most songs were led by a forward driven guitar, and I can hear some New Wave influences (“Some More Than Others” starts with Blondie's riff from “Call Me”). All in all a band their further output will be in my focus."
From the “musical smorgasbord” of their 6-song EP, “Day (One)” which ranges from acoustic lament (“Dirty Words”), to guitar-driven New Wave (“Day”), to electronic synth (“Some More Than Others”), to glorious chorale (“Out of the Wood”), to “grunge meets Latin in Motown” ("Angeline"), to soulful blues (“Everybody’s Happy But Me”) –
to their latest “double-sided single” of catchy pop-rock, “Wild and Strange/Shut My Mouth”, The DOVES express an effortless shifting of musical genres to capture the expression of
"Lush melodies, mystery and simplicity,
the profane and the sacred, driving
acoustic lyricism. The alternative to
the alternative"

Press Release
The DOVES follow the release of their trans-genre 6-Song EP “Day (One)” with a “double-sided single” of catchy Pop-Rock:  “Wild and Strange/Shut My Mouth”.
“Wild and Strange” evokes an early 60s vibe, with its emphatic guitar lines and bouncy beat.  
“Wild and Strange – the only thing that breaks your heart…” 
“Days are insufficient” to express the entertainment and fascination in “Shut My Mouth”, “an ol’ fashioned thumper”, in which attraction comes on "like a suicide's last kiss", and chugs along “like a candle burning really slow…”
Both songs were produced and engineered at Shadow Sound Studios (Macon, GA, USA – home of Lena Horne, Little Richard, Otis Redding, The Allman Brothers, and members of REM) by the legendary Joey Stuckey (featured prominently in the history of Macon’s Music, “Street Preachers, Soul Shakers, and Rebels With a Cause”), who also plays bass on the track, with Tim Alexander on drums.
As Jagger-Richards put it: “I know it’s only Rock and Roll – but I like it.  Yes, I do…”
Here’s hoping that you, too, will like this double helping of The DOVES!

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