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Bluesy Rock n Roll band from Miami, FL
Off Orbit is the creation of Marcos and Moises Jimenez. The music is based on 70's rock with a mix of blues, funk and folk. The music features soulful vocals, bass driven grooves, melodic guitar solos and upbesat drums and percussion.
Late 2012 saw their debut EP City of Wonders hit the scene, immediately drawing the attention of blogs such as Indie Band Guru, Indie Bands Blog and famed producer Stuart Epps. 
Founded by brothers Moises (vocals, bass, keys, harmonica) and Marcos Jimenez (lead guitar), the duo continues to hone and evolve their sound while handling all songwriting duties for the group. With over 10 years of experience under their belts, they were joined by Angel Cerdeiras (percussion), Michael Rodriguez (drums) to complete the lineup of Miami’s own OFF ORBIT. 
Now taking on their first project with complete creative control, the Jimenez brothers lay a blend of bluesy psych, complete with hypnotizing percussion and soul-soothing guitar rhythms and melodies. Influenced by a who’s who of rock greats such as The Beatles, Pink Floyd, CCR, The Black Crowes, Grand Funk Railroad and more, you can hear each and every one bleed through as the tracks stream. 
Following appearances throughout Southern Florida which include opening for notorious acts like Dopapod, Bobby Lee Rodgers, Locos Por Juana, and The Tontons, they now set out to build upon the initial success seen by City of Wonders. 
Rearview, the new EP slated for release this fall is currently in the final stages of production, promising more of the quintet’s grooving, upbeat tempos and blues-inspired riffs. 
Streaming audio from City of Wonders is available via the band’s official Reverb Nation and Sound Cloud pages, including their latest single, “Hello Vultures”.

Press Release 

“When it all comes together there’s a psychedelic vibe shaking the songs from the inside, with Moises’ lead vocals as our humble guide. If all the records in a vinyl shop climbed off the shelves and had a party when we all went to sleep, it might sound something like this.”
“Opener, and first single, “Vice City,” kicks off with a jumpy guitar intro then evolves into a hippy shake. Moises Jimenez leads the four-piece with scratchy rust-coated vocals. It’s fun and loose and would be the perfect first song to play on a long road trip through the country.”
"I am sure you, like I, wander past in a bleary ear of indifference as this genre fills the wallpaper paste of elevator music, but from time to time something cocks the ear and so I find myself with Off Orbit. The quintet – plus – have grasped the essential sounds of their mix-tape and weave from the loom a luxurious blend that settles like a cashmere pair of socks on the feet – hardly felt but somehow comforting at the same time...."
“The lead single of the EP is ‘Pretty Little Things’. It is a beautiful mix of echoed vocals and spaced out sounds over a nice peppy rock beat. Psychedelic without leaving you wondering what you just listened to.”
“Good track here, like the flow, some great sounds being used, vocals have a nice tone to them. song has a really interesting almost psychedelia feel to it.” - Stuart

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