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Strings Of Atlas - Ground Zero, TX


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One man band from the red sands of Mars, playing the heaviest, funkiest, psychedlical grooves one could ever want to jam to.

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A biography is defined as being a written account of the series of events that make up a person's life.
Atlas Cage was born during the setting sun of a Friday night, one month after the Chernobyl incident, in an East German town that was still being covered by the ash that drifted in from the skies like dirty snowflakes. It seems only fitting that years later he would adopt a form of the radiation symbol as the marker for the heavy, psychedelic, blues band known as “Strings of Atlas”.

Filmmaker and writer Atlas Cage makes the guitars wail, bass lines thump like Icky and drum lines drive the listener into a tripped out world of bending reality and atomic science fiction. Part beat poet, part rock-n-rolla and a full time wandering soul, Strings of Atlas has been on the underground scene since late 2006. With several self released albums (including the most recent success “So far from home”), an independent film score, three short films, a yearly invitation to G4TV’s Ninja Warrior and an amazing head of hair, he has managed to climb indie charts from Florida to Texas, garner some FM radio play, find inclusion in numerous podcasts and blogs and tour the west coast in his 1974 Chevy Nova. The first big break for SOA was with the album “Atomic Girls” which made its way on to iTunes, Rhapsody and several other major platforms.

 All of 2010 was spent on the road contemplating life, learning as much as the world was willing to teach and writing/re-writing song after song. Cage lived in Santa Fe/Albuquerque for several months, drumming for the band Eyes of 9ine, job hunting at Q studios and learning how to make homemade Kombucha before making his way so far north that the sales taxes actually stopped ( Oregon state). Cage spent several months DJ’ing in strip clubs, playing private parties and crashing on the couches of people from all walks of life (Airline owners, ex cons, zine writers, continuing/recovering meth addicts and of course the dancers he worked with). Other major cities on this voyage included Phoenix (and all the surrounding subsidiaries), Tombstone, Anaheim, Vancouver and Chicago. All of this leading up to the most well know SOA album to date “So Far from home”.
After falling from atop a Cadillac that was planted in the ground just outside of Amarillo, Tx, Cage made his way back to his hometown of El Paso and began the recording and fundraising process or as its better known, getting a day job(or two).

 Strings of Atlas has opened for names like Nick Megalis, Guitar slim and worked with artists such as Hip-hop mad man Sike O. Phenix, Punk rockers Sweetest Downfall and Latin pop singer Rebecca Pearl. The vibe of the music is a punk rock spirit with a Motown soul, being drowned in some heavy rockin’ blues. Catch Stings of Atlas on Facebook and watch music videos to tracks like “Atomic Girl”, “Find A Way”, “Don’t want the world” and more on various video sites.

Press Release


January 1st 2013, Strings of Atlas front man Atlas Cage made his move to Austin and went  from being unemployed,  living in the backseat of a 1974 Chevy Nova, to a full time day job and full time night job as a musician and shameless self promoter. All of this, with only one goal in mind: Moving to music capital of the world to finally solidify the Strings of Atlas name in Rock and Roll greatness.  This is how “Ground Zero, TX” began.

A vehicle dweller, he’s been described as mild mannered while having a strong spirit, a person of both warm fellowship and paranoid complications. The first bit of writing for the new album “Ground Zero, TX” began on the pile of boxes in a rented garage that had been make shifted into sleeping quarters with the song “Bad Day, Good Life”, an anthem to the fact that yeah, stuff happens, but a bad day here and there doesn’t mean it’s a bad life and that even if you can’t control your surroundings, you can control your attitude towards them. Life is good, people are good and it’s important to know that.

“UnReality” came about from a collection of events in Austin, TX: The North Korea missile scare in March, the Peaceful Streets Project with headliner Bobby Seale and news of the government shutdown.  The headlines, the people, the reality of it all, was not always what it seemed to be.
The waiting is the hardest part they say and this music is a lil “Something For The Wait”. Waiting to graduate, for a promotion, a phone call, a text, a ride.. We could all use something for the wait.  The EP even includes a bonus track from the Trip Hop Project “Valentines Cage” with jazz/opera vocalist Laura Valentine.

Get the album for free on Bandcamp, Reverbnation and the like or buy it on iTunes and Amazon(or stream it over and over again on spotify) and if you like what you get be sure to look for the upcoming crowdfunding campaign!

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