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My music is Alternative Pop; piano driven with an honest story, heartfelt emotion and inspired melodies incorporating elements of music and sounds that I love.  Additional Band Websites   Artist Biography
Rebecca Jimenez is a singer/songwriter who is from a family with a strong musical background. Her grandmother on her mother’s side is a famous jazz singer from Sri Lanka along with Rebecca’s mother who is also a singer. Rebecca was always encouraged by her family to broaden her musical experience. Being exposed to many styles of music as she grew, added to her multi-dimensional and multi-cultural stylings as she graced her audiences with her beautiful music.
Rebecca used to be in a singing group with her sister in her teen years. Together they recorded 2 albums and toured on a national scale which won them local and international awards. Eventually they decided to part musical ways as Rebecca further developed her vocal skills. She moved to Hollywood, Ca. to train under the instruction of Seth Riggs who is one of the top voice trainers in the world. Rebecca dabbled in teaching lessons along with writing and developing her sound. Finally the culmination of all her work, studies and experiences has led her to her upcoming CD “Never To Late” which is set for release in December, 2013.
One particular song off of this upcoming CD, “I Am Yours” best represents Rebecca’s style and sound. Her fun filled uplifting pop song is a sample to the overall mood and theme of this CD. Rebecca’s personal experiences in love, life, as a musician and individual are ever present in her music.
The song’s title “I Am Yours” is from the chorus of the song and has a special meaning to her. “I have learned who I am and I have faced many of my fears and have overcome many obstacles during the creation of this album”, states Rebecca. This single is a fun filled romp of a love story which is about two broken people falling in love hoping to make something together whether they fail or succeed. In fact, it’s the hope and the never dieing quest for love that brings that light heartedness to this single.
Rebecca Jimenez’s music originates at the piano where her stories unfold and develop a heart and a soul filled with melodies and harmonies. Her lyrics are poetic, her voice is heartfelt and the arrangements are pure perfection. This is a recipe for some of the best pop artists in the business. Rebecca Jimenez is among those rare few who can produce wonderful music that remains in her heart forever.
Rebecca has released many singles and is proud to have this CD primed and ready for audiences to experience this coming December 2013. It is a true labor of love for her and they will thank her with every song they listen to.
After the release of “Never To Late” Rebecca plans on touring and promoting the album. She is currently working on music videos along with marketing and promoting of this CD.
You can listen to and/or purchase her singles by visiting any of the following websites:


Rebecca Jiminez is currently working with A & R Select in Sherman Oaks, Ca. for licensing, a record deal, publishing and/or placement opportunities. A & R can be reached at:


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