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Corina Bartra & her Azu Proyect - Tribute to Chabuca Granda

Afro Peruvian & Creole World Jazz

Forest Hills
New York
United States

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Corina Bartra has returned to Granda’s thrilling music throughout her career, recording Granda songs on three of her CDs, Afro-Peruvian Jazz Celebration, Son Zumbon, Bambu Sun, ( Sol Bambú) and Cielo Sandunguero (Sandunguero Sky). Now, she completes  

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A sophisticated jazz and contemporary world singer from Peru? -Yes, Peru. In the last 100 years
jazz has spread to every section of the globe, bringing forth fine Latin jazz musicians from New York, Cuba and Brazil. And if you haven't already heard about her, Corina Bartra from Peru....
Corina was the first vocalist to blend Afro Peruvian and criolla music & Jazz. She also pioneered subtle and exciting instrumental textures in her compositions and her arrangements. She writes extensive intros, interludes, and solos filled with inventive rhythms and beautiful harmonies. She also guides her musicians to do so. With this approach, she adds an instrumental section to her unique & historic projects. Corina Bartra has degrees in jazz percussion from (name schools) and a Master in vocal performance. Like so many jazz masters before her, Corina Bartra resides in the New York area (when she is not in Peru) where she not only plays but can study the Works of all those artists who came before her, building the international sound of jazz to what it is today. And making her award - Corina was the recipient of the prestigious Queens Council on the Arts award in 2008. Her vocal winner Bambu Sun stand apart from the crowd. Her music has frequent airplay nationwide and topped the charts in some radio stations. She also got ear play in Europe and Peru were she is an influential artist. In her new BAMBU SUN she once again dives into the Afro Peruvian sonorities and other Latin undercurrents. She has pioneered a groundbreaking fusion of jazz and afro Latin music with her releases: CORINA BARTRA QUARTET, Son Zumbon, and Travelog, when for the first time one could hear the incorporation of the cajón (Peruvian percussive box) and the festejo groove blended with jazz. Special Honors A Grant from the American Embassy for Corina Bartra & Azu to perform in Peru A Grant from the Carnegie Foundation to perform in public libraries throughout New York City

Special guest performer for the Peruvian Ambassador to United Nations  Dean's Listed (Mannes College) and Honors Graduate (L.I. University) A Music Performance Grant from the Queen's Council of the Arts Foundation Education Masters of Arts in Vocal Performance - Queens College, New York City Bachelor of Fine Arts (Drums) - Long Island University in New  York Jazz Diploma - Mannes College of Music, New York City North Indian Classical Music with (bansuri & vocals) North Indian Classical Music Pargat Singh (vocals)
Press Release

Salute to An Icon
Liner Notes for A Celebration of Chabuca Granda by Corina Bartra
By Mark Fogarty

In Peru, Chabuca Granda is a national treasure, and a statue in Lima remembers her popular, pioneering, and poetic  music. And now Afro-Peruvian jazz pioneer Corina Bartra is adding to Granda’s laurels and her own with this delightful and affectionate collection of many of her greatest songs.
Granda changed Peruvian music by elevating Peruvian popular music into a beautiful new necklace of sound. And at the end of her career, she starts composing using Afro-Peruvian sounds. In Peru, there are exciting, challenging, dynamic rhythms, like the festejo, lando and the marinera. Too complicated to be caught by the simple iambs of the heart. Granda’s music capture the music of the ever-exploring soul. Her lyrics are sheer poetry, and you don’t have to understand Spanish in order to hear the cadences, which are expertly matched to Granda’s poetic melodies.
Corina Bartra has returned to Granda’s thrilling music throughout her career, recording Granda songs on three of her CDs, Afro-Peruvian Jazz Celebration, Son Zumbon, Bambu Sun, ( Sol Bambú) and Cielo Sandunguero (Sandunguero Sky). Now, she completes the cycle by recording a new suite of eight Granda originals and matching them with her earlier Granda versions.
As always, Corina manages to find and get superlative performances out of the finest jazz musicians both in her native Peru and her adopted New York City. They include Billy Newman, Yuri Juarez, and Coco Vega on guitar; piano by Yeisson Villamar, and guest pianist Pepe Cespedes; bass: Uri Kleinman, and guest bassist, Eduardo Freire; sax: Matthew Steckler, and guest saxophonist, Abel Garcia; drums: Vince Cherico and guest Javier Linares; and cajón: Perico Diaz. Also, quest Henry Campos plays cajón on tree tracks. She invites singer  Kayra Guti to do coros on three songs.
Corina finds new flavors in Granda’s work. She playfully combines two songs, “Tun Tun, Tun Abre la Puerta,” and “La Herida Oscura.” She also highlights her adept arranging skills on “Coplas a Fray Martín,””La Flor de la Canela,””Canterurias,” “Bello Durmiente,”  “Me he de Guardar” and “José Antonio.”
Of the new work, my personal favorite is the lovely “Fina Estampa,” though “Jose Antonio,” “Me he de Guardar, Tun Tun Tun” and “Maria Sueños” also stand out to me. With the earlier songs you can’t go wrong with “La Flor de Canela,” a beloved song in Peru. This song title translates to “Cinnamon Flower,” and on discovering that, it becomes clear that Granda’s music and Corina’s masterly and unique interpretations of it share a lot with cinnamon, a spice both pungent and flavorful, out of the ordinary, and never to be forgotten.

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