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Loco Escrito - Mujer Fantasia

Pop, R&B


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Loco Escritio: Mujer Fantasia, R&B-Pop from Switzerland
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Loco Escrito was born in 1990 in Medellín, Columbia to a Swiss mother and Columbian father. Right after his birth they decided to turn their backs to one of the most dangerous cities in the world to start a new, safe life in Switzerland.

By the end of his primary school time he began to write lyrics in Spanish and Swiss German but he quickly realized that Spanish was a far better outlet for his creativity.

A short time later he founded the rap-combo LDDC together with Third Eye, Tunicolo and DJ G-RaZ. This was the start of a successful time: Concerts in the whole of Switzerland, including appearances at the famous Openair Frauenfeld, Royal Arena Festival, Rock Oz’Arénes and many more. After several studio albums and countless concerts, LDDC decided to take a creative break by the end of 2012.

Although this was a bitter pill for him to swallow he didn't let it bring him down. Driven by his only true love - music - he then started his solo career. Within no time Loco Escrito finished his first solo EP pouring his heart and soul into this project. The EP and its two video clips lit the sparks for Locos musical fire which continues to grow with success.

The new single “Mujer Fantasia” is his newest inspiration letting you forget about daily life and dream about the summer and all the nice things that come with it. Mixing his extravagant rap-skills with more and more vocals lets us guess that we will be flooded with beautiful melodies and tempting rhythms.

Press Release
The door opens, a look, a shy smile and you go on, but your heart stops. Loco Escritos "Mujer Fantasia", throws us with that moment. The person enters the room and every noise and flash of light dies in her goddess-like sight. Your mind implodes at the sheer presence of this diosa, which even cracks down an ego like Loco Escritos.

"Mujer Fantasia" is the first hit release from the new album which will be released in the second half of 2013. Whether the single is based on a real woman, remains secret, but it takes more than just music and mood to evoke Locos pulsating latin-side. "Mujer Fantasia" tells exactly one of those stories in which the world stop breathing and one moment is focused upon. The constant woulda coulda shouldas in life that we struggle with deep within.

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