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Project-43 - Waiting to Surface

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Band Description
Project-43 is unique. All of their guitar driven, hard rocking, classic styled high energy rock & roll songs where recorded by the band members while being in completely separate locations all over the globe, but you'll never tell the difference...  

Artist Biography
Project-43 formed among the stars as musicians met and came together over the Internet. Initially, it was just an effort to refresh their playing skills and learn a little about home recording, but they quickly realized it could be much more. From it's humble beginnings, Project-43 would go on to become one of the first bands to record, mix, produce and release a rock music CD completely over the Internet, with none of the members ever having met in person. All while being separated in three difference countries and five locations around the globe.

The collaboration soon enlisted the vocal talents of Antti Heikkinen from Finland. Antti gave the project a truly special touch that made the music come together like never before. His vocal talents should have landed him a major recording career long ago, thus eliminating any chance he could be part of the team. But, for whatever reasons, the stars were aligned and he was available for the project. That was a very fortunate set of circumstances for the band and fans alike. Steph Quoi has added some of his masterful guitar talents on recent tracks with guitar solos that will truely mesmerize. Craig Erickson and Mika Lassuri lay down those foundation bass lines and drum beats that support the whole collaboration.

HEADLINE:Project-43 Releases the first of a 3 EP set "Waiting to Surface"

Project-43, the Internet hard/classic rock band from all over the world, has released a new EP recording, “Waiting to Surface”.

Project-43, the Internet hard/classic rock band from all over the world, has released a new EP record album, “Waiting to Surface”. The record is a powerful, energy packed, catchy collection of hard rock songs with a nod to the 'classics'. All four of the new original tracks represent some of the most definitive Project-43 music to date. This EP, the first of a 3 EP collection, is the bands fourth official release and follows three successful full length CDs.

Project-43 owes its sound to the influences of classic metal bands like Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith and the like, but the soul of Project-43 is actually a blend of the classics with a touch of  modern rock emotion. Their songs can range from a classic-metal style energy explosion to a more melodic rock and roll drive that will have you playing air drums at the stop light.

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