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TeribalAnamal is a Brooklyn-based trio with stripped-down, minimalistic, energetic post-punk/new wave sounds.

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Artist Biography
TeribalAnamal is a newly formed band whose music is suffused with new wave and post punk influences. Having met in 2012, the band quickly began creating their own sound with Stephanie on guitar/vocals, Chalky on drums, and Ryan on bass/vocals. Based in Brooklyn, the trio has performed regular gigs illustrious NYC establishments including The Trash Bar, Lit Lounge, The Delancey, Fontana's Bar, and Grand Victory. Taking inspiration from the likes of Lydia Lunch, The Cramps, Sonic Youth, Johnny Thunders, Suicide, The Velvet Underground, etc., the trio plugs into the socket of aberrant New York City rock music.
Press Release
TeribalAnamal is a recently formed group of artists whose music is heavily steeped in the indie and post punk genres. The band includes Ryan on vocals and bass, Chalky on the drums and Stephanie on guitar and vocals. The three met in 2012 and quickly began creating new sounds. Through dedicated practice, experimentation and commitment to their art, they continue to hone and evolve their sound. Based in the city of Brooklyn, the post-punk rock tri has performed regular gigs at some of the finest NYC establishments including The Trash Bar, Lit Lounge, The Delancey, Fontana's Bar, and Grand Victory. With varied influences including The Cramps, Sonic Youth, The Stooges, Lydia Lunch, and The Velvet Underground, the trio carries on the longstanding tradition of hard rocking, experimental NYC music. The first documentation of the band’s sound is presented through their debut EP entitled Anamala. Included on the EP are the following six tracks. 1. Ice 2. Mourning Dove 3. Turkey 4. Garuda 5. Ravenous 6. Flamingos The EP is available online at major digital music retailers and services including iTunes, CDBaby, Amazon MP3, Rhapsody, Spotify, and Last.fm. Check out the sounds of TeribalAnamal at the following links:
 The band is available for bookings, press, and interviews via teribalanamal@gmail.com Keep up to date with the band at:

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