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Glen Foster Group - The RECKONING

Rock/Adult Album Alternative/Indie
British Columbia

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Glen Foster is a Canadian musician who has been playing guitar and performing for more than 30 years. He has released 4 albums of his original songs ranging from intricate finger-picking ballads to highly creative electric rock n roll.

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Artist Biography
GLEN FOSTER GROUP was formed in 2008, released their debut CD titled “Trusted Tried & True” in 2009, and has followed up in 2013 with a strong album release simply called "The RECKONING". Trio members are Glen Foster on guitar and lap steel, Pat Shonwise on bass and Glenn Olsen on drums. They have developed a strong and loyal following playing small clubs and festivals in western Canada. Glen Foster started his music career in the 1970’s with WEA recording artist Ray Materick in Toronto, Ontario, working with Daniel Lanois, Don Potter, Gene Martynec and other industry notables. As leader of the band Falcon, he produced 2 full length albums along with several single releases and videos. He is a multi instrumentalist playing guitars, harmonica, dobro, lap steel, keyboards, mandolin, bass and others. The Glen Foster Group produced a 4 song EP titled “Pixelated Man” which was co-produced by Glen and Rick Salt in 2010, and initially released to Canadian radio stations. The lead single off the EP is titled “Pixelated Man”, which “ makes several references to song titles from the band’s previous album release (Trusted, Tried & True) and draws a parallel between the singer’s character and the fractured nature of being in a rock and roll band”, states Glen. This song has a hot and twangy guitar intro, a catchy surf-rock beat, and an unusual spacey vocal texture. You feel the cutting electric edge on the track over top of a twisting, dodging chord sequence. The style of music that Glen Foster Group creates incorporates vital and interesting lyrics, stylized melodies, creative chord structures and crisp, modern production. Putting all this technique into one great package takes extraordinary talent and this trio surely has that. The RECKONING CD is is currently available at most digital store fronts and is accompanied by 2 Video Productions. This is one group that audiences love seeing live. Their shows are hard hitting, ranging from fast paced electric rockers to haunting acoustic vocal ballads, and everything in between. The Glen Foster Group is currently working with A & R Select based in West Hollywood, Ca. for licensing, publishing, recording and/or placement opportunities.
Press Release
"There's a city in flames, a flag on fire, the streets are occupied. Nations rage, war is waged, and access is denied." So begins the title track off The Reckoning, a new album from local singer/songwriter Glen Foster that he will debut at The Vault on Saturday. One might be forgiven for thinking Foster refers nostalgically to some past era of political strife -- the late '60s perhaps -- but the song's 'reckoning' is about the exposure of the financial scandal perpetrated by U.S. banks that lead to the '08 stock market collapse. Vietnam-era folk music used to be saturated in the political climate of the times, said Foster. He laments that though political expression has continued to flourish in environments like the Occupy movement, popular music hasn't followed suit. "There's a lot of focus on dance and the rhythmic aspect of pop music that has extremely thin lyrical content, to put it mildly," said Foster with a chuckle. "It's a focus instead of the typical 'I love you, baby' love songs." It is part of what has formed the basis of Foster's decision to stay independent throughout his 30-plus years of music-making. "There's nobody dictating that you have to go on the road, or that you have to play certain venues, or record in certain places," said Foster. "No one dictating your sound and making you somebody you're not comfortable being," he added. After studying jazz, Chet Atkins-style guitar and Hawaiian and classical guitar, in part at the Royal Conservatory of Music, Foster took to the road and made a living as a traveling musician for 10 years. Julie Chadwick © Harbour City Star Published: Friday, May 03, 2013


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