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Ginny Luke - Dark Charade

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Ginny Luke's vibrant new EP "Dark Charade" is a musical blend of catchy hooks, edgy rock vocals, scorching electric violin and guitar, pulsing synth lines, and a thick acoustic orchestral sound amidst driving rock beats.
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Ginny Noel Luke, musically known in Los Angeles as “Ginny from the block”, is an accomplished electric violinist and singer. Being born into a musical family, she began her musical career at age three, beginning training in classical violin and piano in Vilseck, Germany. After moving back to the United States, she additionally began training in voice, acting and dance in Iowa. Ginny's artistic experiences have included over twenty musicals and plays, and four operas. At 16 years old Ginny played violin at Carnegie Hall for TV show “From the Top” with the Interlochen Chamber Orchestra. At 19, she toured with rock legend Meat Loaf and became a member of Meat Loaf's band The Neverland Express, having previously toured with pop/rock band Adam 812, and jazz group Global Affect. Ginny recently performed at LA Fashion Week with SAGA Electric Strings and recently finished a tour with Cirque du Soleil inspired show, "Valitar". Ginny has held concertmaster positions (violin) in eight orchestras including Interlochen Symphony Orchestra, Colburn School of Music’s Orchestra Da Camera, and the California Institute of the Arts Orchestra.
Ginny has recorded violin, voice, and string arrangements with artists such as Will.I.Am, Meat Loaf, Ben Moody of Evanescence, J.Cole, Shane Gibson of Korn, Snoop Dog, Alex Band from the Calling, Yogi and Victor Orlando of the Gap Band, Cori B, Mike Kineally of Frank Zappa’s band, and producers Ben Moody, Larrance Dopson, Chordz, and Chucc Hamilton (1500 Or Nothin Prod.) and Christian Davis (Sly Doggie Prod.) She has recorded at Capitol Records, Big 3 Studios, Wavaflav Studios, and Video Symphony Recording Studios and is currently working with Coffin Case and Panasonic on a 3D "Vampira" music video which will coincide with a full length, vampire-inspired "Vampira" album. Ginny has also released two albums with original songs with Adam 812, a solo single available on iTunes called “It’s Not Over Yet”, and produces with music production team Big Bad with producers Jon Prince and Zach Fisher. Ginny's debut solo EP will be available on iTunes in Nov./Dec. 2012.

Press Release
For more information, contact:
John Edwards
11044 Weddington St.
North Hollywood, CA
7/28/2013 (LOS ANGELES, CA)
Do yourself (and your ears) a favor and get a hold of Ginny Luke’s vibrant new pop/rock EP, which is a blend of catchy hooks, edgy rock vocals, scorching electric violin and guitar, pulsing synth lines, and a thick acoustic orchestral sound amidst driving rock beats. The first single “Time Bomb Tactics” explores the nature of a failed relationship, posing the question of ritualistic self destruction: “Time bomb tactics, army of lies/Did you mean to damage yourself more than me?”. The song features an electric violin solo during the bridge and an intro of acoustic violin harmonies with reverse-piano swells, representative of Ginny’s classical music background and integration of the violin into the pop/rock commercial world.
Ginny Luke, at the age of 21 has a prominent career, garnering attention from work with artists such as Will.I.Am, Meat Loaf, Snoop Dog, Dave Matthews Band, Ben Moody of Evanescence, Mike Kineally of Frank Zappa’s band, Alex Band of the Calling, Grammy award-winning producers Larrance Dopson of 1500 or Nothin Productions, Andre Harris of Dre&Vidal, and many others. Ginny began study of classical violin and piano at the age of three and began singing and performing in musical theater at the age of four. She began writing songs at the age of thirteen, having her first single produced by Christian Davis at fifteen when she moved to Los Angeles. Ginny continued her studies at the prestigious Interlochen Arts Academy, Musician’s Institute, and California Institute of

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