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ODDSLANE is a uniquely blended mix of driving rock & roll riffs and solid grooves with an overall pop sensibility. Press Release:

The song "Miles Away" was featured on The Discovery Channel's hit TV show The Deadliest Catch, Season 5 Episode 3 entitiled "Stay Focused or Die".

Thanks to the hard work of those at S&E Entertainment, "Corporate Love Song' is featured in the 2010 release "Best Laid Schemes" from Warren Piece Productions and Los Angeles writer/director Gary Warren.

Thanks again to Los Angeles writer/director Gary Warren for placing "Invisible Enemy" into his 2011 web series "For Worse" starring himself and actor/director Sharon Wright.

The songs "Miles Away" and "You Were The Best" are signed to Nashville publisher Omnivore ASCAP joining a catolog of thousands of songs by 110 writers from the U.S., Canada, Europe and the U.K. Omnivore is one of the McClure & Trowbridge Publishing family of companies which includes Trowbridge Publishing BMI and JIP Records (Just Iss Planetary Records.)

Thanks to fan voting and especially to the efforts of supporters at St. Sound Magazine, Odds Lane (under their old name The Breakers) made it to the TOP 16 in 7-Eleven's National Slurpee.com Battle of the Bands.

Odds Lane (originally as The Breakers) were featured in STL SOUND Magazine and also help support one of the most worthy charities in town run by the some people. They even made a video for us when were trying to win them a guitar.

The song "Wait For It" was featured in promotion for Adidas new line Adidas Football.

The song "The Ballad Of Middle Management" was chosen to be included on London based UK label Matchbox Recordings sampler CD "Stay In The Box Vol. 2".

The song "Miles Away" was chosen to be included on the Hollywood CA based agency BAND PROMOTE's '08 sampler CD.

The song "The Ballad Of Middle Management" was selected to be a part of BreakThrough Audio's St. Louis Sampler CD. This is the second compilation CD released by their St. Louis office and features lots of great STL music.

Selected along with other St. Louis artist Happy Endings, Lost Parade , and Seven Star as Semi-Finalist in the Mid-South Grammy Showcase for their EP The Bottleneck Sessions . The semifinalists attended the VIP Reception at the Memphis Recording Academy office as well as the final competition at the New Daisy Theatre on Beale Street.

ODDSLANE (under their old name The Breakers) were among finalist at the Missouri Demo Review & Contest at The Pageant in St. Louis hosted by our good friends at The Memphis Recording Academy. Ten Missouri artists' demos were heard, critiqued and judged by our panel of industry experts. Judges included Selim Boaub, A&R Asylum Records; Peter Visvardis, A&R executive; Kevin Johnson, director/editor Coolfire Media; and Jason McEntire, recording engineer. Among the other finalist were Tracy Mitchell, Thughouse, Modern Red, Chris Brown, Klutch, Zee, Bravado, Geoff Kutch, and Ahmad Alaadeen

Coming "Highly Recommend" from the Memphis Recording Academy, ODDSLANE (under their old name The Breakers) were invited to record at the legendary SUN STUDIO (most widely known as the the studio that gave birth to Elvis) which has been recording legends for years. Along with Elvis the likes of BB King, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, and more recently U2, Vertical Horizon, Maroon 5, Liz Phair, 3 Doors Down, they join the ranks of such a legendary studio as a part of an effort by Sun to promote emerging artist. Biography:
ODDSLANE is a uniquely blended mix of driving rock & roll riffs and solid grooves with an overall pop sensibility.They create music that fuses diverse influences from a wide range of styles, but maintains the integrity of what has become their own original sound. The band primarily focuses on the material of singer/songwriter Doug Byrkit, who in 2003 co-founded the group with longtime musical partner Brian Zielie. Doug & Brian are continuing their musical partnership with their first album as ODDSLANE the 2012 release entitled DARK MATTERS.

Doug and Brian’s partnership goes back many years with their first band together while still in high school. Since, they have maintained a close working relationship that has lasted through college and a host of musical projects. Together they can boast such accomplishments as sharing the stage with diverse artist such as Lifehouse, Pete Yorn, and Walter Trout as well as having toured Korea, Japan, and the Pacific Rim. As the core members of ODDSLANE, the pair has formed a creative relationship that blends their broad range of musical influences, ranging from The Beatles and Led Zeppelin to Tower of Power and Miles Davis, with their years of experience recording and touring. To the outside observer, it may seem that Brian plays a small role in the creative process, but his influence on Doug over the years has been the spearhead to the evolution of his songwriting.

ODDSLANE (originally under the name THE BREAKERS) was formed in 2003 out of the ashes of several other defunct St. Louis groups (Zito, Flynova, Nadine, and The LP Outsiders to name a few) to work on selected material from Doug’s recent demo projects. Shortly, they began recording these songs and playing live to a steadily growing fan base. This first line up of the group quickly produced two EP’s. The first of which, THE BOTTLENECK SESSIONS, twice earned them attention from the Memphis Regional Grammy Chapter along with some high profile national and international songwriting contests. It also caught the ear of those at the legendary Sun Studio in Memphis, Tennessee. Sun Studio, most widely known as the studio that gave birth to Elvis, has been recording legends for years. Along with Elvis, the likes of BB King, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, and more recently U2, Vertical Horizon, Maroon 5, Liz Phair, 3 Doors Down, The Calling, and Better Than Ezra have all recorded at there. ODDSLANE joined these ranks by invitation on the studio’s part as an effort of there’s to promote emerging artist. Both of these recordings were later combined into what became the release simply entitled SESSIONS.

The follow-up recording, SONGS FOR YOUNG EXECUTIVES, is the group's first full-length album. The album contains 13 tracks loosely based around the theme of corporate greed; a subject Doug had became all too familiar with while working in Corporate America before recently leaving to complete a graduate music degree and to devote more time to music and ODDSLANE. The lyrical content gives a sometimes tongue-in-cheek and sometimes blatantly unapologetic slant on those negotiating the corporate jungle. Even though there are some heavy themes that run throughout, most of the songs are ambiguous enough to be interpreted multiple ways by the listener, thus making the album very easy for a broad range of fans to connect with. The album is a mix of musical influences and real world playing experience, which along with the solid groove foundation provided by drummer Brian Zielie, merge into what can only be described as a true representation of ODDSLANE's own unique rock & roll sound.The album's single "Miles Away" has been featured on the hit television series THE DEADLIEST CATCH on THE DISCOVERY CHANNEL, and continues to garner attention across the web and other media. The album and single have also gained industry attention, earning a publishing deal from Grammy nominated producer George McClure's Nashville publishing house as well as several independent film score and web placements.

In 2012, after a successful Kickstarter.com campaign to fund their 3rd album DARK MATTERS which is the first release under the name ODDSLANE, the group is hoping to build on their past successes. ODDSLANE plan to promote the new record to radio, music libraries, and indie music fans alike. They have already acquired an endorsement deal with Steve Clayton, Inc. the makers of custom picks and guitar accessories in anticipation of the release of DARK MATTERS and don't plan to stop there. Currently the group performs in and around the St. Louis area in several different forms, from full electric band to acoustic solo gigs.

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