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Location: NYC, New York, USA

Gritty, addictive songs about people and the many different roles we all play in each other's lives.

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CD Releases:
  1. phil common - Released 2006. Available through CDBaby and iTunes.
  2. Only You - Released 2007, early releases available at shows and from website.
  3. Island - Released 2011
Records are available on CDBaby, Amazon and most online retail locations as well as select retail stores. Visit http://philcommon.com, to join the mailing list and keep up with gigs and merchandise giveaways


Phil common — Born in NYC to a union leader and Juilliard graduate phil was steeped in music and the fight to understand people and the problems that we face.

At a young age phil began to write music and songs, his first ideas were centered on the concept that almost everything about life is the same for all things and that the differences are only a tiny part of the world we share. This philosophy he called commonhaüs.

Now on a solo project, phil has found his voice with a new freedom, creating music from his heart. He delivers an eclectic mix of gritty, thoughtful songs with a sound you are bound to enjoy.

“I believe that we all share this life together. Each person’s experience is their own, but we all hold hands in the void.” — phil common

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