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Location: Staten Island, NY, United States

Everything you miss about hard and heavy music. New York City's Urbansnake is classic metal meets the modern world meets the street --- face first. Press Release:

Ettno Roc Records
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Sirius DJ and Writer Appoints Next Rock Monster

Urbansnake – the undergound kings of New York City metal – has just released its long-awaited follow-up to 2008's acclaimed album, “Whiteknuckle,” much of which has become the soundtrack for the Argentinian mini-series “Bhiper Dumas” by filmmaker, Javier Correa, and for the original version of iPhone video game, Vector Tanks. The band's latest offering, “Who Says Goodnight,” has rekindled the attention of UC Radio host, Mike Yusi, co-host of the classic Sirius Radio show, Pacific Coast Hellway. Yusi recently wrote:
Growing up in and around the West Coast music scene in the 80s and 90s, it’s in my blood to think that the second wave of heavy rock bands naturally comes from the Left Coast. Bands like Van Halen, Megadeth, and, of course, Metallica. Then I heard New-York-based Urbansnake. Until Urbansnake, there was nobody out there, that I had come across, that could throw down a challenge to cornerstone bands like these and walk away intact.
Urbansnake is honest, in your face, balls to the wall, no bulls**t rock. The first time I played “Postal” on Sirius Satellite and my companion online show, UC Radio, listener reaction was overwhelming. I had to give in and admit that there was a challenger to the West Coast Metal sound, and that this beast from the East was not only doing it right, but that they were doing it right on every song.
See, Urbansnake is not a band looking for that one killer single and instant success. This is a band in the old school, “cram them in a studio and let them fight it out until they’re done” mold. This is a band whose drive is coming from tortured amps, not an engineer sitting behind a board twisting knobs. This is a band that gets it’s point across with anger and angst driven, powerful lyrics and vocals, and a rhythm section that is rock solid. And when you’ve got a band as talented and as driven as Urbansnake behind the wheel, it all comes together and forms a perfect storm, taking down anything that gets in its way.

Urbansnake's “Who Says Goodnight” is currently available at:


Clear Channel New band, Urbansnake, is an alternative metal/rock band from The Bronx, NYC. The bands is influenced by a tapestry of creative heavy acts from the 70s through today, and has received worldwide airplay and strong reviews:

"I think they crank. They remind me of this mix of Metallica, Motorhead, Sabbath all just kind of contained in this ball of cranking power and controlled rage."
Michael Yusi - UCradio (Jul 19, 2007)

"Rising up from The Bronx in New York, Urbansnake are a motley lot that have bounced from band to band before all falling into the same rehearsal room. Their new album is just out, and quite frankly pins your ears against the back wall… of your next door neighbours living room. . ."
- britcaster.com (Nov 30, 2005)

Urbansnake aspires to compose music that doesn't draw on trends, but, instead, on the musical tastes of its individual members.

Lead singer, Vinny Corvino, has fronted several New-York based hard rock and metal bands, amongst them Holy Motorpunk and Stabbing Negatives. Holy Motorpunk's single, Meditation 17, received airplay on New York's 102.7 WNEW.

Rhythm Guitarist, Kevin Aponte's band Semanon drew serious interest from Metal Blade Records, but disbanded shortly thereafter. Before starting Urbansnake with singer, Corvino, Aponte toured the Florida club scene with Slyce. Corvino and Aponte have been a songwriting team for several years. The two were the major creative forces behind Holy Motorpunk. Aponte later rejoined with Semanon drummer, George Paige to form Stabbing Negatives.

Lead Guitarist Andy Romeo was the driving force behind NYC's Requiem. During the '90's, Requiem headlined in clubs throughout the city and opened for major acts including Life of Agony and Biohazard. Requiem received airplay on commercial and college radio and toured clubs along the East Coast.
Bassist, Rob Dominguez has played in many formidable bands based out of Westchester/Bronx/NY: Big Frankenstein Shoe, Mercury Bath, Brainstem. Rob is heavily influenced by Iron Maiden, Clutch, Faith No More, Led Zep and Skynyrd. Rob's very eclectic musical tastes range from mambo to country to punk to metal. He is a self-professed comic book and Star Wars geek

Drummer, Mike May's band Smokescreen was, for a long time, a top attraction for metal fans in the New York Tri-State area. Smokescreen performed with major acts. May would later go on to join The Juicemen who were signed and produced by Sean Slade. May also played with NYC favorite, Sons of Bitches, and has performed shows with death metal giants, Demolition Hammer.

Urbansnake is currently composing new material and performing throughout the NYC Tri-State area. Go to urbansnake.com for more info or e-mail urbansnake@urbansnake.com

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