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Patrick Ames - Four Faces

Palo Alto
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Ames transcends generations as a songwriter with a percussive style of guitar work. In "Four Faces" he uses a MIDI guitar synthesizer to play multiple instruments and his two backup singers are full-throated for this 2017 wake up call.
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Artist Biography
Patrick began writing songs in Toledo, Ohio in 1968 when he was 14 years old after inheriting a guitar and dozens of classic albums from his older brothers who went off to college. An avid songwriter and performer during his own college tenure, he went into book publishing after briefly attempting the music circuit as a songwriter in 1976. Now, in his early 60s, Ames has returned to songwriting armed with decades of wordsmithing, book publishing, and decades of practice.
Ames lives and works in the San Francisco Bay Area. During the day he is an editor in high-tech Silicon Valley, a career that over the years has taken him to Apple, Adobe, Palm, Nokia, and Juniper. His lives in Palo Alto with his wife, Elizabeth Ames.
As a songwriter, Ames performs at small venues around the SF Bay Area, and at wineries in Napa, prefering settings where he can be intimate with the audience, such as a recent songwriting residency at Freewheel in Redwood City, CA .
Press Release
March 2017, Palo Alto, California
New EP "FOUR FACES" Features the Rock/Gospel-driven Politically Charged "Reawakened"
In the newest EP from the prolific Singer/Songwriter Patrick Ames, the San Francisco Bay Area musician plays a MIDI Guitar Synthesizer, allowing him to explore the piano and soprana saxophone, and other instruments via his Gibson Hummingbird — and what music he makes. From the Gospel-driven, political "Reawakened" to the accoustically-inventive "This Small Town", the EP is full of surprises.  His two backup singers are full-throated and in rare form for this 2017 wake-up call. 4 songs, 4 faces, 4 $.
The 60 year old singer/songwriter, rhythm guitarist is writing and performing his best music of his lifetime. Tune in and enjoy the lyrics from the former writer/book publisher. 
“Laid back and funky with heavy classic rock influence.” — Indie Music Plus
"You can compare Ames’ music to Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, or whomever, but I hear him as a unique indie artist that is being overlooked by the masses."  JoeJoe Keys, Indie Live.

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