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Sean Power - Rise and Shine


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"As a child, I was always attracted to music, and always curious about how it gets put together. Most of my songwriting has leaned towards country-pop, but my influences have been many over the years.
From the emotive melodies and lyrics of Neil Finn, to the bright and happy feel of The Mavericks, Elvis Costello's witty lyrics, and the energy of artists like Dwight Yoakam and Mumford and Sons, I recognise that everything new has it's origins in somebody else's "new".
I write and record music because I love it - the creativity, the process of making decisions, the personal satisfaction of moving from a vague idea to a complete song. Along the way, it gives me a release from the busy worlds that we all inhabit. If any of my songs are able to bring enjoyment, or help anyone else escape their worries momentarily, I am humbled and honoured to have that privilege."
Sean Power - Independant singer-songwriter-producer based in Sydney Australia.
December 2016

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