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CW & the Motormen - Mitch the Motorman

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Our sound is country/rockin for this song, but other songs will have a bluesy feel as well. Always a strong story to be told. Lots more to come!
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Started out playing the drums and moved on to guitar. But I'm a writer first. The lyrics have to tell a story. There are plenty of hits over the years where the melodies are so strong, the lyrics don't really matter much. The perfect song is where both are equal.
Mitch the Motorman is about a real guy I knew that worked in the oilpatch. There aren't many oilpatch songs, so it's a bit unique. Guys that worked in the oilpatch say it really does strike home based on their experience. 
What I like most about the song is that it has a larger following among women than guys on RadioAirplay, even though it's from a guy's perspective. Feedback from women is they like the romance in the song. When she sings the Hot Damn chorus, she's saying everyone has a redeeming quality, and she just found it in Mitch.  
That's why women are smarter than us guys!  ; )
Press Release
Victoria, BC - A new song called "Mitch the Motorman" by CW and the Motormen hits a chord with the oilpatch. In a survey of listeners conducted by Tunecore, a former rig worker says, "I really like the upbeat tone...I also enjoy the story...I relate to it because I used to work on the rigs." 
Oil and gas publication The Surge says,  "Catchy oilfield songs don't get much better than Mitch the Motorman. Here’s a feel good song everyone who has ever worked in the oilfield will love! Mitch the Motorman for President!" http://thesurge.com/stories/catchy-oilfield-songs-dont-get-much-better-mitch-motorman
Songwriter CW Edge says he wrote the song about a real rig worker now living in Calgary, Alberta.
"The song is about a rig-hand that meets his dream girl...or does he? You will have to listen to the song to find out," says Edge. "There aren't many songs about the oilpatch, so this was overdue in the music industry."
What he likes most about the song is that it has a strong following among women.  
"RadioAirplay domographics show it has a slightly stronger following among women than guys," says Edge. "I think the song reveals women have the ability to spot the redeeming quality in guys, even if it's not readily apparent."
Other comments from the TuneCore survey are:
"It is a romantic story of a home town boy meeting a pretty girl, and has a sexual feeling to the song."  
"The song is wonderful and I want to hear it again."
"This should definitely be on the radio."   
"Fantastic country song that I absolutely loved! I really enjoyed the lyrics which were well-written and very meaningful. Some of the best country music I have had the privilege to listen to."
CW Edge writes the songs and assembles studio musicians, which he calls the Motormen.
"It's not a lot different than the rigs," says Edge. "The motormen may change but the rig has to keep on drillin."
More info on songs to be released at www.mitchthemotorman.com
Contact: CW Edge at ccwedge@shaw.ca

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