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John Thayer - Face To Face

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John Thayer is a singer songwriter from Portland, Oregon, performing over the last four years as a solo artist
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"We did write a couple of songs together years ago" mentions singer/songwriter John Thayer about his younger brother Tommy Thayer, known as the lead guitarist in the rock band KISS.  "One that I remember that stands out is a song called Broken Arrow.  [Tommy] has always been very supportive of my music - giving me advice, tips, and some guidance - especially in the earlier days.  He was always more enamored with American guitar rock music than I was - Kiss, Aerosmith, Rush, Montrose - I always had more eclectic tastes like Yes, Emerson, Lake and Palmer, Steely Dan, etc.  We both have always loved The Beatles, Led Zeppelin and The Who though.  Tommy is more of an observer of my music these days."
Born in Portland and raised in the suburb of Beaverton, Oregon to an upper middle class environment, John, along with his 4 siblings were strongly encouraged to follow their creative talents by their parents.  "I have always considered myself to be a proud Oregonian" John states finding a majority of his inspiration to create songs on the northern Oregon coastline of Cannon Beach where he has a summer home.  "Cannon Beach is an arts oriented community and is a great place for solitude and creative balance" Thayer mentions. 
After honing in on his songwriting skills, John eventually came into his own Indie Pop style in 2013 with the debut release of "Laurel Street" on EON Records. Three years after the release of his debut album, Thayer's musical creativity continued to become more sophisticated with the result being his upcoming EP titled "Face to Face" which will be released on the same label later this summer.
Contrary to his brother Tommy's rock style, John's 5-song EP is introspective in its lyrical nature and delivers more of an ethereal harmony throughout the songs, with current influences coming from such artists as Aqualung, Keane, and Phoenix.  Songs like the title track "Face To Face" (the first single off the EP) is about the listener being swept away by a dreamy concept of love into somewhat of a fantasy world of make believe bliss, while the song "Angel" is about finding the perfect true love from something that probably doesn't really exist.  
"Face to Face was co-produced by John Thayer and singer/songwriter producer Rob Daiker (Meredith Brooks, The Fame Riot) at Commune Studios in Portland Oregon and mixed by Greg Collins in Los Angeles (U2, Matchbox Twenty, No Doubt).  
Press Release
On July 1, 2016 John released a five song EP Titled "Face to Face" on Eon Records.  The songs are crisp, melodic, and pop oriented.  "Face to Face" was recorded at "The Commune: which is owned and operated by Rob Daiker who co-produced the record with John.  The album was mixed by Grammy award winning producer Greg Collins (U2, No Doubt, Rob Thomas).  You can preview the songs by going to the "Listen" section on the left side of the site below.  A video to support the first single "Face to Face" will be released in mid-July. 
Face to Face
Welcome to the John Thayer Music website where you can listen, watch, and buy! 
John Thayer is a singer songwriter from Portland, Oregon, performing over the last four years as a solo artist developing and crafting his style.  John has tweaked his now signature sound into a captivating magical experience for audiences worldwide.
In October, 2013, John released his debut EP, “Laurel Street” on EON Records to a limited audience and has received rave reviews. This Indie Pop record has its roots at the Oregon Coast where the artist has cultivated his musical sensibilities in the artist community of Cannon Beach where Thayer has a summer home.
In April, 2015, John released his latest work titled "Take It Back" on EON Records.  As a follow-up to the critically acclaimed release, "Laurel Street", this six song collection is an eclectic production using both live strings and brass horns to accompany John's guitar, bass, and drum ensemble.  The Indie Pop style is reminiscent of "Laurel Street" but the songs take on a deeper sophistication with lyrics that probe a bit deeper into the psyche.  "Take It Back" was co-produced by the "Laurel Street" team of Bobby Krier and Micah Tawlks in Nashville.  The record was mixed by Greg Collins (No Doubt, Matchbox 20, U2) in Los Angeles.
Contact John ThayerPresident/Owner
EON Records - P.O. Box 1949 - Lake Oswego, Oregon 97034
johnthayermusic@gmail.com - 503-329-6815.

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