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The Arrangement - Facing The Past


United States

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The Arrangement: Crafting tunes that leaves listeners with an original mix of the old and new. A Surf foundation and a modern delivery that tries to progress the vintage rock sounds.

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Artist Biography

The Arrangement formed in East Lansing in the waning months of 2012. Still reeling from the breakup of their previous effort, Josh Guysky (Drums, Vocals) and Chris Smith (Guitar, Vocals) were searching for anyone looking to start a new project. Fortunately for them, Noah Ford (Bass, Lead Vocals) of Owosso and Joe Guel (Guitar, Vocals) of Ann Arbor were doing the same. As informal jam sessions turned into more formal practices and recording sessions, The Arrangement gelled as a unit and solidified their sound. After recording what would turn out to be their debut EP, the group decided it was time to take their show on the road and line up some gigs. 

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