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The Meller Band - Decades of number one hits



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The Meller Band is a fictitious band of fictional hits. The musical history startet 50 years ago and they have topped the charts every decade until today. The album "Decades of number one hits" contains songs from the 60s, 70s and the 80s!

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The Meller story may be true......
Pop-duo formed in 1964. Members: Ron Meller (artist name), b.1948 and Dan Martin, b. 1949.
Ron: vocals, guitar, bass, piano, drums
Dan: vocals, organ, bass, percussion, arrangement.
There were several different band members, including family and friends, but they never became regular members.
They were discovered when they played school concerts in Norway, and were especially known for their harmony singing. They were invited to be the opening act for the Rolling Stones in Oslo in 1965. When their parents thought this was not appropriate, the Pussycats became the warm up act for the "Stones".
Eventually they obtained a record deal and the first single, "Why did you have to go?" became a hit in their home country in February 1966. They sought their fortune in London in the summer of the same year, and the second single, "Let me tell you," went straight to the top in England.
Their success continued through the 60s with the highlight being when "Condition of Love" topped both the charts in UK and US late in 1967. Ron has said that George Harrison was inspired by his slide guitar on "It's Alright" in 1969, a studio-live song from 20 July that year, hours before the moon landing.
Internal strife beset the first half of the seventies. In 1974 there were rumours of a collaboration with other artist like Elton John, 10cc and the ABBA guys, but this was nothing more than rumours.
The Meller Band had new hits in the late 70s and debuted with film music. In the 80s their music style changed, as did the rest of the pop world .  In the  90's music was again simple with clear references to the 60s.  In the new century, it is still the simple melodies that dominate, but with symphonic elements, and they became a role model for Coldplay.
It started fifty years ago and they still manage to conjure up new pop hits! Two "greatest hits" collections are under way, "Volume one 1966 - 1983" release in 2015.
"Decades of number one hits 1966 -1983", 10 smash hits:
 1) Why did you have to go? (1966)
 2) Let me tell you  (1966)
 3) Condition of love  (1967)
 4) It's alright  (1969)
 5) My time  (1971)
 6) Playing this game  (1976)
 7) Get into  (1977)
 8) Harmony  (1978)
 9) Summer by the sea  (1982)
10) This place (1983)

Press Release
Tønsbergs Blad, Sandefjords Blad  (Norwegian newspapers)
Exist The Meller Band really?
Published: December 04, 2015 at. 2:52 p.m. Last updated: 04th December 2015, at. 2:52 p.m.
Have you heard (about) The Meller Band? Not?
Relax. There are only few who have heard about this.
Until now! Friday is namely this super fictitious group album ready with "Decades Of Number One Hits Vol. 1 ".
Still confused? We let one half of the duo, Ron Meller, explain.
- We're a band that exists, but that still do not exist, he says cryptically.
To clean up: The Meller Band is a project to Meller and colleague / friend Dan Martin, both domiciled in Tønsberg, Norway.
Together they have created the band project The Meller Band.
“Oddly enough” playsThe Meller Band music very strongly inspired by the two men's own favorites.
Fictional career
- We tend to say that this is "songs you know but who you have never heard." I think when people hear our songs, they will recognize the appropriate musical decade, says Meller.
Their “volume one hits” is recently released on every streaming service and on CD. This deals with the Meller Bands fictional career from 1966 to 1983.
- 1960 was the best and most innovative decade for pop music. Then comes the 70s and 80s. The Meller Band hardly know the music that has come out since 1985, says Meller. The favorite among many great bands are of course The Beatles, with Genesis as second. Supertramp, 10CC, Bee Gees, Roxy Music, Hollies, Chicago, EW&F, Al Jarreau are other favorites again.
Please visit website: themellerband.com

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