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Sundown delay - Rubik's Cube is fighting back




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Three-piece band from Alingsås, Sweden Play some melodic mix of 50% Early NWOBHM/ 40% 60's pop/ 10% Psychadelica. Provides a retro sound, dirty but distinct.

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Artist Biography

Svante Widerström writes 10 songs every year that he wants to record and release. And since his former band Arbogast suffered a slow death in 2014 it was necessary for him to create a new platform from which he could throw his songs into the great nothingness.
Svante's old friend Nanne Westerholm stepped in behind drums and together they released the album “Catching up with the future” in mars 2015 under the name Sundown Delay.
Though satisfied with the result, as a duo they weren't able to play live. To be considered a band they needed at least a bass player. They found the missing piece in Björn Ericsson and recorded the mini LP “Rubik’s Cube is fighting back” which will be released in april 2016.

Press Release
Sundown Delay
"Rubik’s Cube Is Fighting Back"
Record label: No
Release date: april 25th 2016
Distributor: CD Baby
-          NWOBHM meets classic 60's pop and psychedelia
-          Very limited (200 copies) edition on 12"vinyl
-          The best thing from Alingsås since the potato
Alingsås is a shithole of a town. It's hardly brilliant rock bands or musicians that come to mind when the average person hears the name of this small town located about 45 minutes drive north of Gothenburg.
If anything comes to mind at all then it might be the name of the town's most famous son, Jonas Alströmer who takes the credit for introducing the potato to Swedish kitchens. Wow!
Most people with talent and ambition take the first chance they get to escape from Alingsås.
The town can therefore thank it's lucky stars that Svante Widerström, the driving force behind Sundown Delay, and his companions have chosen to stay.
A rare bird you could say, but few others could so tastefully master the art of combining the best of early 80's NWOBHM with melodies and harmonies that would make 60's giants like The Zombies and The Kinks green with envy.
In Alingsås Sundown Delay have been able to develop their repertoire unhindered. Few village dwellers or outsiders have up to now understood what the group are doing. It's high time that more get to hear them now.
On the strictly limited (only 200 copies) 12" vinyl " Rubik's Cube Is Fighting Back" Sundown Delay present six tracks recorded at Svenska grammofonstudion in Gothenburg.
In tracks like "Slaveboy" and "Vote For U.P.P." Sundown Delay combine early hard rock, NWOBHM and psychedelia draped in classic pop harmonies. All this is seemlessly interwoven in the band's own captivating sound.
Sundown Delay are without doubt the most interesting and exciting thing that has happened in Alingsås since Mr. Alströmer came home with a few sacks of potatoes.
Homepage: sundowndelay.com

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