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Vitaliy Skugaryev - You left

Pop, Dance

Saint Augustine
United States

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My name is Vitaliy Skugaryev. I am 26 years old.  I am a musician,singer and a poet. Originally I from Kiev, Ukraine. I arrived in United States 4 months ago and I settled on Florida in the room that my friend gave me for free. At home I was making money playing guitar and  singing my songs on the street, sometime in a cheap clubs if anybody called me. I had girlfriend that love very much but she left me for my best friend that have very profitable beer business. When I told my girlfriend that I want to leave Ukraine and go to Los Angeles and I will be super star, she was laughing at me. In our country war ,and economy is collapsing. I sold everything that I can bought tickets to New York and fly away without turning back. This song’s lyrics I wrote the same evening when my girlfriend left. I recorded this song in my home studio and I make video clip from my iPhone. 

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