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KT - Lying, Crying, and Dying


United States

Band Description

"Lying, Crying and Dying," is an upbeat collection of pop/rock story songs,about life, love and death. Strong lyrics, good beats, and interesting vocal harmonies, make "KT" sound more like a pop/rock band, rather than a singer/songwriter.

Artist Biography

KT is a solo artist.  He started out as a keyboard player and backup vocalist.  He was a member of the duo "Robert and Kenny," the singing group "The Casanovas," and was half of the song writing team of "Tucker and Caswell."

After "Tucker and Caswell," disbanded, KT moved to California, where he was a founding member of the                            "The Other Brothers."
He now resides in the State of Pennsylvania.

Press Release
"Lying, Crying, and Dying"
Artist: KT
Release Date: 03/10/2016 - Distributor CDbaby.com
Category: Pop/Rock, Alternative, Singer/Songwriter
Website: www.blackcatkt.com
Email: ktuckersr@aol.com 
"Lying, Crying, and Dying," is, for the most part, an upbeat collection of pop/rock story songs, about life, love, and death.  With strong lyrics, good beats and interesting vocal harmonies, "Lying, Crying, and Dying," is one of the more interesting entries in the pop/rock category.  One of the reasons, the collection is successful, is that, the overall sound is more like that of a pop/rock band, rather than a singer/songwriter.

Singles (by track number)
  1. "Why Don't U Call Me" (Uptempo) A boy tries to help the girl of his dreams recover from a broken heart.
  2. "The Rock Singer" (Mid Tempo) A man tells the story about meeting his rock idol as a teenager, and how that meeting affected the rest of his life
  3. "Afraid of Love" (Mid Tempo) A girl, whose boyfriend cheated on her, is asked, by a rival suitor, to reconsider love.
  4. "X-Rated Movie Star" (Uptempo) A story about a young "Hollywood" actress, who ends up in the porn industry.
  5. "Selfish Man" (Slow Country Song) A man's wife dumps him for taking her for granted
         7. "Ode to a Rainy Day" (Slow Tempo) A man tries to cope with the death of his mother
         9. "The Messiah" (Slow Tempo) A gospel song about the crucifixion of "Christ."

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