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The 2-Syds and Sukuta Generations - Ndau Afro-Jazz Fusion I, Vol. 1 (Instrumental)

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Ndau Afro-Jazz Fusion I: Trailblazing Project
The 2-Syds, Sydaira Rose and Sydney Ten'ani, The 2-Syds, feel privileged and honored to present a jazz rendition of their Ndau African cultural classic and Sukuta family "home-grown" heritage tunes. Some of the tunes were passed down at least four generations and their meanings and contexts are addressed in the book "Precious Mt. Silinda" penned by their grandmother Mrs. Kate E. Sukuta. This is the first Ndau-based musical album ever recorded. Ndau is one of the endangered African minority languages spoken in Zimbabwe. Sukuta Technologies, LLC produced and markets this trailblazing album, “Ndau Afro-Jazz Fusion I” by “The 2-Syds and Sukuta Generations”.
The album comes in two versions, instrumental and vocal, which are complementary and equally satisfying. The vocal version is sang in both Ndau and English (Ndanglish). Overall this is “happy” trail-blazing music which effortlessly makes you fall in love with it instantly. The sax wails with acoustic genius, while being punctuated by the melodic bass and galloping drum beats. The fast tracks will keep you at the edge of your seat while the relaxing ones are gleefully soothing. This is the kind of music one can tirelessly listen to over and over again without getting bored. To learn more about the music and, the artists and people behind it please log on to http://www.tunecore.com/music/ndau_jazz

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