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This is Xavier, the one who created the pop band called " Mind Blowing " 15 years ago and the one who is writing this band biography.

Incredible though it may seem, I started to be "struck " by melodies some years ago. They just came to me unintentionally.
Even my relatives and friends did not understand how I had managed to compose songs from that day on...........
That happened 15 years ago.
It was really surprising to everyone since I did not have any idea of music.

Later on I met my friend Marc, extremely skilled in playing different instruments (guitars, piano, and so on). He managed to add music to my voice recordings, so we eventually recorded those songs with several instruments.

I realised we had been able to create all that in a very natural way.
It was so striking to me that I decided to call " the band " Mind Blowing................

In fact we did not intend to record any CD, but after 3 years gathering together during our summer & Easter Time hols, we got eventually 11 songs, so we decided to go to a studio and record all of them properly.

All those songs were pop-styled and talked about feelings common to any human being (specially about love), so we decided to call it " Heart Affairs ".
We launched the CD in year 2005.

Simple but attractive melodies with tuneful and handsome music. This is what we tried to achieve with all those songs.
Positive feelings we would like to share with all the world.

Later on I met my cousin Marta and we decided to remix that CD adding new sounds and she helped us to record some of the songs with her incredibly sweet voice, so we launched a new version of " Heart Affairs " in year 2011.

At that time I was still inspired with different new melodies, so we gathered together again from time to time to record a brand new CD called " Star ", which we launched last year 2015.

Then my friend Marc decided not to be involved in our musical project any more due to personal reasons, so I had to find out a new musician to help me to play and record all the instruments.
This is how I met Dani, who perfectly plays all kind of instruments, including drums !!.

We are currently recording new songs which will be included in our third CD, which  we plan to finish hopefully between the end of this year 2016 and the beginning of 2017.

The band Mind Blowing consists today of Marta, Dani, Mario (who is also in charge of the recording studio) and myself, Xavier.

We do not play live since we have our corresponding jobs and we do not have enough time to play in concerts, so by the time being we only play and record in the studio and then we distribute our CDs worldwide through different digital platforms.

As one can guess, we are independent artists who enjoy creating sweet melodies with the only aim of making people feel better.

Barcelona, March the 20th., year 2016

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