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Susan Aquila - Miss Conduct


New York
United States

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This is hard rock, driven by Susan’s electric violin and vocals. They are the songs of an empowered woman; tales of love gone wrong and right, and stories of the struggle to overcome sexism and oppression.

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Artist Biography

New York City artist Susan Aquila is shaking up the world of Rock. She is the first electric violinist/singer to break through to the mainstream rock market in a big way. Her music blends metal, rock and punk and her incendiary electric violin solos are being heralded as: “… the hottest thing to hit rock since Van Halen recorded Eruption! She’s like the Jimi Hendrix of the electric violin and her vocal style is vibrant and dripping with soul. She combines the artistry of Blondie with the raw power of Janis!!”*
Susan is a double Grammy Nominee for Best New Artist and Best Rock Album of the year for her previous release “Broken Angel”, which propelled her into the top 5 in ReverbNation’s Artists Trending in the New York City Area, a position she held for six months.
She has performed and recorded the world over with the greatest icons of Rock, including: Paul McCartney, Elton John, Billy Joel, Beyonce, Brittney Spears, Kanye West, Alicia Keys, John Mayer, Josh Groban, Roger Daltry, Steven Tyler, Busta Rhymes, Erykah Badu, Janelle Monae, Jay Z, Barry Manilow and a host of others.
In the past year, she has completed several national tours. Her onstage killer performances knocked out audiences from Maine to Florida and paired her with important Rock artists such as Lita Ford, Tantric and Soil. The excitement generated by her touring schedule is amping up the anticipation for her upcoming CD, Miss Conduct, which will debut in January, 2016 on Original Kitchen Records with music and lyrics by Rob Tomaro. This year also saw her Broadway debut and cast album for the original musical Amazing Grace.
Here are just a few advanced reviews from industry pros:
“I love it! She is a hell of a talent. I want to see her live some day, performing!!”
Genya Ravan – Rock Star (Ten Wheel Drive), Producer (Ronnie Spector), Radio Host – Little Steven’s Underground Garage, Sirius/XM Radio- which featured her 2014 hit “Intervention.”
“I love the whole thing; the tunes, the mix, the performance, the whole package! She sings with such emotion that you can really tell she’s feeling everything she’s singing about. The lyrics are deeply moving and struck a chord and her violin playing is hauntingly beautiful. There is so much computer generated pop music out there that it is wonderful to hear something that has real warmth and soul to it. You are going in the right direction! Keep going and never stop!”
Jerry Layne
Nashville Entertainer
Composer of “Carved in Stone”, number one hit on the Country charts from March to April 2014
“The power behind Susan’s music is truly inspirational. The diversity of the tracks keeps this music on a ‘must hear’ basis. Strong instrumental influence with raw, sensual vocals and cutting edge sounds of the electric violin combine for a rare and enlightening experience. All genres and all ages will enjoy it!!”
Paula Wilson- Tour Manager- Brett Michaels, Molly Hatchett, Eddie Money
‘Susan Aquila is a formidable and multi-talented performer. Producer/composer/guitarist Rob Tomaro has created a powerhouse setting that beautifully supports and showcases those talents. The music they make is high energy, danceable, and just plain fun!!”
Dan Einbender – Grammy Award Winning Producer and Entertainer
Susan is represented by powerhouse Rock Manager Andy Frances, who discovered Garth Brooks and Clint Black, and whose list of clients includes David Bowie, Prince, The Alarm and Jimmy Messina (of Loggins and Messina).
Inquiries for tour dates and personal appearances may be directed to:
Management: Adwater & Stir
Andy Frances
Susan records exclusively for:
Original Kitchen Records
Contact: President and CEO Rob Tomaro
*Bob Mackler, N.Y. Rock Review – Blogon5 –October , 2015

Press Release
For immediate release:
New CD:  “Miss Conduct” by Susan Aquila, music and lyrics by Rob Tomaro – Original Kitchen Records – OKR-CD0002
            Rock singer and electric violinist Susan Aquila’s new CD “Miss Conduct” is shaking up the doldrums of the rock scene in America.  Reviewers and radio Music Directors alike proclaim:  “You have never heard anything like this before.”     She has just cracked the top 10 on the ReverbNation charts on the East Coast and the top 100 on the ReverbNation Worldwide charts.   Her first single from the album: “Why” is being played on terrestrial active rock radio coast to coast.   Here is a sampling of some reviews:
            “I have been listening to it over and over.  That is my kind of rock song!!” -  John Rhodes, Program Director, 97.3 The Rock, Dubuque, Iowa
            “She does amazing things with the electric violin!!”  - Bill Hall, DJ, WDHA, 105.5 FM, New Jersey.
Album review:  “Miss Conduct” by Susan Aquila, music and lyrics by Rob Tomaro – Susan Aquila – lead vocals and electric violin.
Review from February 9, 2016 -  AEA Zine
“My first impression of Susan’s vocal style is of a “cleaner” Wendy O. Williams.  She delivers the vocals in a husky, hard rock style that you would expect from a genre like this.   The songs are punchy and hit just as hard as they should.  Susan knows how to craft a track well.   Although Susan’s the star, the rest of the band is pretty great, too.  There is some awesome lead guitar sprinkled throughout, as well.
If you’re into rock, this is an album for all occasions.  I have never heard the violin used in this manner.  Susan’s violin delivers an extra dimension to the sound, yet never distracts from the thrust you would expect from an album like this”. 

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