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J Smo & Bob Crain - Forsaken Veteran of the Drugs Wars

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The Folk/Rap Fusion of Forsaken Veteran Of The Drug Wars a compilation by J. Smo and Bob Crain was the brainchild of J. Smo who determined that my Folk recollection and his Rap production were perfect mates to deliver the message to young and old.

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BOB CRAIN is a Folk Rock songwriter performer residing in Melbourne, Australia. He experienced the early skirmishs in the Drug Wars in L.A. growing up in the Sixties. Bob has released two solo Folk Rock CD's and performers his original music in Melbourne and around Australia. Bob's story and his music are available on his website www.bobcrain.com.au
J.SMO is a Hip Hop Rap artist from Sacramento California. J. has also borne witness to the skirmishes and major battles of Drug Wars as they proceeded through the Eighties and in to the present day. J. has released several Hip Hop Rap singles and is currently working on an EP to be released later in 2016, he is a regular performer on the Hip Hop circuit in Northern California. The works of J.Smo of B.U.N.K.S can be found on his website www.bunksexperience.com
J. initiated the collabouration after hearing Bob's original guitar & vocal solo version of the song from his CD The Hippies Were Right. J. concluded that Bob'shistorical recollection back to the early days of the Drug Wars and his Rap were the perfect combination to tell the whole story ... in less than 5 minutes.
J. contacted Bob in Australia suggesting a fusion of the original version with his Rap. Bob quickly jumped on board excited by the idea of blending the dominant message bearing genre of his era Folk Rock with the prevelant message delivery genre of today Rap. 
J. produced, mixed, and masted the fusion version of the song which was released on Feburary 26, 2016 on iTunes and other internet sellers and is also available on both artist's websites. J. also produced the video which narrates the whole story in less than five minutes as written by Bob.
Bob and J. are very proud of this work fusing two distinct styles, two individuals, two genres and two countries to produce one message ... that perhaps the longest war in the history of the world is still going, casualities mounting and no end in sight.
Enjoy yes but take heed of the message as art is supposed to convey a message and this surely does.

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