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Rob Barr - EP Aisle 6

Rock indie Alternative

United States

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Radio Ready Artist from San Francisco Bay Area

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Rob Barr got his start in music while living in the Chicagoland area back in 1994. His Band Wally had moderate success in the 90’s opening up for acts like the Bloodhound Gang, Jill Sobule, and a Chicago favorite, a late 70’s early 80’s success Off Broadway.
In 1999 Wally broke up and Rob moved to San Diego, CA. a few years later to work for an organization helping veterans find careers within the construction trades.  As time went on the opportunities for a music career got smaller and smaller he focused more on business and eventually started his own company A Hero Foundation 501(c)(3) to help veterans and their spouses transition to any career that would fit their path.
While creating music is hard these days with a wife and two kids, Rob still find the time to write and record songs in his private home studio. Today he has over an albums worth of material and want to donate the proceeds from his music to his nonprofit to help bring brand awareness, to the organization and raise money to build new programs to help returning veterans and their families.
You can find Rob Barr’s songs on any applications such as ITunes, Rhapsody, and Spotify and purchase songs for only .99. Seeing that the organization is dealing with veterans, according to Rob, they do not want to run donation campaigns to those who have served stating that it would defeat the purpose of what we are trying to do.
Take a listen and if you like know that you will be supporting a good cause.

Press Release
Contact: Rob Barr 


Executive Director makes music to support A Hero Foundation A non-profit which has a goal to help Veterans have a smoother transition from military to civilian life. 


Moraga, CA. March 17, 2016: Like most musicians Rob Barr, now the Executive Director for A Hero Foundation 501(c)(3), had a dream to make a living playing his music. In the 1990's his Band Wally had moderate success in the Midwest opening up for bands such as the Bloodhound Gang, Jill Sobule, and late 70's early 80's success Off Broadway.  When the path to a music career became smaller and smaller Rob moved out to San Diego in 2003 to work for Helmets to Hardhats (H2H), an organization helping veterans find careers in the construction trades. It was here where he became passionate and help those who served. “When I worked at H2H many of the Veterans I spoke to did not want a career in construction industry and it was frustrating to see so many of them could not find their path to a successful career”, said Rob.
With a little help from his old Executive Director, from H2H, Dan Caulfield A Hero Foundation and Hire A Hero were formed to help all veterans transitioning out of the military find meaningful employment.  “Hire A Hero is not enough; Veterans need a better way to communicate their success while serving in the military so we launched Staff A Hero in November last year” said Rob. According to Rob Staff A Hero allows veterans to post a brag book of their military successes so that civilian employers can get a better understanding of how a veteran can be a good fit for their organization.  Rob also said that they will be launching a pod cast in the next couple weeks that will focus on veterans getting a better understanding of today job market.
So why the songs? “We hate asking for money and for a nonprofit that’s probably a bad thing”, said Rob. “Since most of our database is consisted of veterans we will never do campaigns to help raise money off those who served, that’s who we are her for. My hope is that people will like the songs so it can bring more awareness to who we are and what we are trying to achieve, so that we can create a better transition program to those who serve.”  
You can find Isle 6 and Jiberish on ITunes or any of your music platform choices.

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