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Axixic - Love in the Back of a Cab



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Singer/songwriter Bill Clarke records under the name Axixic (original spelling of the small Mexican Village where he lives.) A genre writer, he tends mostly towards Country.

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When your beard turns white and you chuck your former life and move to a mountain village in the tropics, there is a tendency among some people to think that maybe you are possessed of a certain wisdom. I am here to tell you that nothing could be further from the truth.

Sometimes people come to visit me here and think that I have wisdom to dispense to them: I do not. I have opinions, I have ideas, I have observations - but none of them should ever be taken seriously as some sort of representation of TRUTH. It needs to be said here, for the record, and for all time: I am completely open to the possibility - maybe probability - that I am entirely full of shit.

Such people leave disappointed, I suppose. But sometimes they contribute a track or two to what I am working on - a rhythm track, a harmony, a bass line.... I am grateful.

Press Release
Love in the Back of a Cab is an unapologetically romantic love song in a Top 40 Country Ballad style. It is based on a real incident from the writer's life.
"I was on a business trip staying at a nice hotel in an East Coast City. My schedule changed and I was able to leave a couple of days early so I booked a flight home but had to take a really early departure. At 4:00 o'clock in the morning I went to the lobby to check-out and grab a cab - it had rained all night and was still coming down.
"There was one other guest in the hotel lobby, a very attractive woman who had been visiting relatives in the city and was due to fly back to the UK early that morning. The only two guests in the lobby, we struck up a conversation and decided to split a cab to the airport.
"Even at that early hour, the traffic was an unholy nightmare and a ride to the airport that should have taken less than an hour took something like ninety minutes. I didn't care.
"We talked, we laughed, we flirted. In that 90 minutes I fell deeply in love with a woman I had never seen before.
"That is where I end the story in the song - going our separate ways at the airport. I like that ambiguous ending better.
"In reality, we stayed in touch and tried like hell to get together again but it just was not possible. In stories and songs love always prevails but in real life, not so much. There was no way she could leave the UK. I explored joining her there, but just couldn't make it happen. My commitments, my work, my family, they all required that I stay where I was. I never saw her again.
"We had one kiss. A good-bye kiss at the airport. Best kiss of my life."

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