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Rock Alliance - Bad News Travels Fast



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Rock Alliance music is straight up Rock that keeps it listeners on the edge! Very Pumped up music that makes you want more. Very Radio Friendly

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Rock Alliance is a music project put together by Stewart Sutherland former bassist of Black Stone. The idea was to feature gifted musicians from around the globe on the music. So in the summer of 2014 Rock Alliance was born. With its first track titled "Kick" featuring L.A. Chris Hodges on vocals, Phil Robertson on Drums (Burton Cummings, Ray Charles). Also, Ontario's very own Marco Bresette on gutairs and Stewart Sutherland on bass. The repsonse was great so eventaully Sutherland went on to more projects.
The most recent being, 2 tracks titled "Rock and Roll Resurrection" and " Bad News Travels Fast". Both songs feature a vocalists out of Ontario Eric Langlois of the Canadian group LIFT "He is one amazing vocoalist" states Darren Magierowskie, the group's studio engineer. The drums in Rock and Roll Resurrection were performed by non other than Chris Sutherland who's impressive resume of clients include (Kim Mitchell, The road Hammers, and Sass Jorden). Marco Bresette recorded gutairs on both trackes and Stewart Sutherland recorded the Bass on both  tracks as well. As for Bad News Travels Fast we had a very special guest who joined us recording the Hammond Organ which was John Rabbit Bundrick formerly of "The Who".  John had performed and recorded with names such as, Bob Marely,Johnny Nash, Free, and many more and now we can proudly add Rock Alliance to that list. "Thats something I am very proud of, John has seen it all, he's a legand" states Sutherland.
Watch out for the all new release titled "3 Men 3 Horses" featuring drummer Kenny Aronoff who recorded and performed with names such as (John Mellencamp, John Fogerty, John Bon Jovi, The Rolling Stones, BB King and many others. Coming Soon!!
**The latest songs were recorded/mixed at Jukasa Studios by Darren Magierowskie assisted by Jill Zimmerman and Janette Sutherland - Mastered in Toronto, Ontario by Joao Carvalho.

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