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2divine - APASIONADA

Latin Pop/Dance/Chrisitan

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We are a group of Latina young adults in our mid 20's. Composed of Anabell Garcia, and sisters Yaneiry and Marcy Saldana. We all met and grew up in a Christian church where we started singing and dancing in a young kids choir.

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Yaneiry Mayard,25, Anabell Garcia 23 and Marcy Saldana 24 make up this Christian Vocal group. Yaneiry and Marcy are of Dominican descent and Anabell is of Colombian descent. They grew up in New York City which reflects in their music. Their music is a mixture of their cultures and the languages they all speak.
The name 2Divine is the brainchild of Yaneiry and Anabell and is due to the fact that they are the lead singers. This group is a symbol of the young people of “the City that Never Sleeps”; Young people who work hard, play hard, go to school, love their families, sing, dance and overcome all obstacles. 2Divine is New York.
The group 2Divine was formed in the year 2005 after Yaneiry, Anabell and Marcy left the children’s band Adonai Kids which is still thriving with new members as a part of Adonai Christian Center, the church the girls still attend to this day. With new ideas, a new sound and a new look 2Divine was ready to release their first album which debuted in 2008.  Their first album, “Canto a La Vida” (EMI Televisa Music) lead them to tour nationally as well as internationally. Their second album “Amor Sin Limites” (AJ Music) debuted in 2010 and has touched the lives of many with its positive message and distinct sound.
Now, 2Divine Music Inc is proud to announce the release of their third album “Apasionada” which is available in stores November 3rd. This album cements 2divine’s music career and reaffirms that they are here to stay.
“Apasionada” plucks on the heartstrings all while making you jump out of your seat and dance. It is an album about spirituality, loss, friendship, and most importantly love.


Press Release
Third Album from Contemporary Christian Group 2Divine Meets With Acclaim
Band Also On Tour to Promote In Dominican Republic
New York, NY, United States of America – December 10th, 2015 – Spanish-English music group 2Divine has released their third album, Apasionada, to great fanfare and excitement.
Led by singers Yaneiry Saldana, Anabell Garcia and Marcy Saldana, the group has performed across the US and Latin America even sharing the stage with well-known gospel singer Israel Houghton.
“It’s absolutely thrilling to know that our music is still in the hearts and minds of our fans,” said lead singer Yaneiry Saldana. “It just keeps us soaring higher and higher, especially after the Media Tour in New York.”
The band is well-known for its songs about life, love and happiness.  Creating uplifting feel good music is what they do best. They were pre-nominated in five categories in the Latin Grammy 2008 including Best New Artist, Song of the Year and Best Christian Album.
The band has released albums in both English and Spanish languages, and has previously been featured on Spanish networks including Univision and Telemundo, as well as English-language channel Style Network in 2013 with “The Glam Fairy”.
To find out more about 2Divine, please visit http://www.2divinemusic.com.
Contact: Ezequiel Saldana
Tel: (917) 337-1523

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