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One Man Rock Band is an American hard rock band formed in Whittier California in 2010. It was founded by drummer, guitarist, bassist, vocalist, Scott Gerling. Inspired by AC/DC, Aerosmith, Metallica, UFO, and Foo Fighters.

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One Man Rock Band is an American hard rock band formed in Whittier California in 2010. It was founded by drummer, guitarist, bassist, vocalist, Scott Gerling (48) as a one-man project. Inspired by the likes of AC/DC, Aerosmith, Metallica, UFO,  and Foo Fighters. One Man Rock Band video showcases its own aggressive brand of hard rock music.
Prior to the 2015 release of One Man Rock Band's debut EP “Power X," The band released two videos, "Highway Star,” (over 60 thousand hits) a cover song by Deep Purple, and an original song written about the death of Osama bin Laden called "We Shall Never Surrender,” (Over 30 thousand hits). Highway Star was well received by the fans (as well as fans of Deep Purple) as it is a technically difficult song to play, and equally difficult to perform. Alternatively, We Will Never Surrender has been heavily criticized (and praised) for for the lyrical content that contains a good amount of jingoism.
Currently, the band is rocking “King Kong! The single off of Power X.
One Man Rock Band’s Power X can be purchased from:
CD Baby
See more at: OneManRockBand.com

Press Release
One Man Rock Band. Debuts "Power X"
One Man Rock Band is truly and American original hard rock cult band. Credits include: The Balls to challenge the Foo Fighters publically (see video below). In less than 30 days hit the National Top 40 best rock bands on the ReverbNation Charts. Collected 3,500 fans in less than a month. The song King Kong! is now curated by ReverbNation. In short, One Man Rock Band is kicking ass and taking names.
1MRB has been charged with running naked through a town square in Prague, dropping acid during Catholic Mass, and was kicked out of taping of American Idol for hurling ravenous insults at Simon Cowell.
This is the most talented attention getting band to comand the internets since the inception of AOL.
Foo Fighters Meet King Kong! [VIDEO]

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