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José Luis Mundi - Universo Alternativo



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Singer/Songwriter from Granada (Spain)

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He defines himself as an amateur minstrel to write poetry
      Land with smell of orange blossom, the Seville, the Triana        Bridge, he was born. Since childhood, he was attracted to that    particular language notes that few want to own, play with them  and talk face to face.
       In this walk, his first songs at school, his first small music  festivals, a song gifted to a friend, requested song ...
       And, while soaking up the musicians of reference: Serrat,   Aute, Silvio Rodriguez ... Dreaming to look like them, to be a   singer.
       Although his profession every day, is far from the music, his hobby, which makes you feel full, you take your guitar and composing. A twinkle in her eyes, that transforms him, takes him to an alternative universe it appears.
       In 1995, a twist of fate, leave the land of his birth and reaches the city of La Alhambra. Gradually the city has been conquered and the three stars that guide, as he sings, have tied forever to her.
       Private person, friend of his friends, constant lover of things well. Through their songs, we see a Jose Luis different where we are open and available to all who will listen, your most authentic, more intimate.
       With Alternative Universe, his first work, makes us a tour of issues ranging from the fight and injustices to the love and tenderness.
        Envelops us with his warm voice and carries us with every issue, makes us tick and for a moment you dive into their world.
        It is a job done thoroughly and yet passionate, where a piece of it is left.
        I think it has gone from being an amateur songwriter troubadour to capital letters.
       Sometimes dreams come true ... 

Press Release
 Seville (Spain) songwriter, based in Granada, brings twelve songs on this CD with very different atmospheres and themes. Since the soundness of "Declaración de intenciones" to tenderness of "Nana que debo" through a commitment "Quizá haga falta otro diluvio", Mundi involves us in his Alternative Universe emerged from the experiences of years; Not surprisingly the compositions have been performed between 1988 and 2012.

     From the hand of Nicolas Medina, producer and arranger as well known for his prestigious career, he presents this issue that has its precedent in the model made in 2010 with the generic "Retazos de vida".

     A treat for those who like authentic author's song.

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