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Thrillkiller - Time


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A new project featuring award winning members of Aries. Mixing elements of metal, rock, pop and others, Thrillkiller delivers a viciously unique style of music

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Created by members of the award winning band, Aries, Thrilkiller combines pop, rock, funk, and metal into a new, viciously unique style of music. Working alongside Matt Bittman of Wrightway Studios(Known for working with Mars Volta, Antemasque and Imagine Dragons) to produce a killer and fresh sounding EP, Time.

Press Release
Debuting their new project and EP at the Ottobar on January 2nd, the band will be spending the next few months finishing their first full length album due this summer. 
"This album is EXTREMELY well done. It sounds every bit as good as; if not better than many of the releases of signed bands. Its probably one of the best sounding indie productions I've ever heard. The music is a clinic on how great music should sound. Rock and metal musicians will love it, but non musicians will love it as well. Its as intricate as progressive rock and metal, but has a commercial feel to it as well. You owe it to yourself to get this one!" - Will Tell Tale, The Night Time Fiasco Show
"The tracks have great hooks, strong grove elements and are each interesting to listen to. Each track is noticeably different, while still falling under the same signature that ThrillKiller is trying to develop. I’d love to have something to compare it to, but for the life of me I can’t think of anything that sounds like this. The EP is definitely it’s own brew of original music, and I for one can’t wait to see and hear the future of this interesting project." - Gary Thorn, Shockwave Magazine 
"Full of riffs that would make any guitar god proud, and vocals that could shatter glass or melt your face off, Thrillkiller is a worthy continuation of what Aries had been. While this is something very different, there is also a lot there that Aries fans can latch onto and find themselves enjoying. While Thrillkiller could not exactly be classified as metal, the album rocks hard and it has a lot of bite to it, for all the pop influences and catchy hooks. I cannot say enough how addicting these songs are; they instantly grab on to you and never let go, even long after the song is over. If you are a fan of hard rock music with a bit of gloss to it, then Thrillkiller is something worth checking out. Just because music is heavy does not mean it has to lack in melody; and just because a band incorporates pop influences does not mean it has to be middle-of-the-road or predictable. Thrillkiller proves this within 4 songs in about 15 minutes. If these 4 songs are any indication as to what they have in store for a full-length album, then they are going to be one of the best new bands of 2016!" - C., Script the Darkness

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