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The single is called Slingshot and has been produced and written by Daniel Caesar, Ludwig Lindell, Ollipop and Herbie Crichlow and is a club banger with hit potential

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Boris Laursen releases music for his 2.4 million fans!

Boris Laursen is a very unusual 20-year-old guy from Denmark. Because he's already a social media phenomenon and a superstar in the eyes of many people. On 15 January, Boris will be releasing a single for his 2.4 million fans and followers. The single is called Slingshot and has been produced and written by Daniel Caesar, Ludwig Lindell, Ollipop and Herbie Crichlow.

Social media phenomenon Boris is currently best known for his humorous videos on Vine but he is also on other social media. It all began in the autumn of 2013, when Boris posted his first video on Vine. By December that year he was already posting videos regularly. By summer 2014, his Vine account had over a million followers and one of his unique videos had become the most copied on Vine, having been viewed over 255 million times.

On Instagram Boris has more than 530,000 followers. On Twitter he has around 178,000 followers and on Facebook 290,000. His YouTube channel is under development but already has around 52,000 followers. All together Boris has more than 2.4 million followers who enjoy, like and share his world.

Boris recently began using Meipai, a Chinese app, and in just one week he got close to 200,000 followers.

Besides Boris' interest in, and unique talent for entertaining on, social media, he loves K-pop, a genre of music that originated from Korea and which consists of electronic music, synth-pop, hip-hop, rock and R&B. With the world's largest and most successful record label, Universal Music, behind him, Boris has set a goal to become a world artist. And there is no doubt about it, Boris is definitely superstar material!

With his gymnastic background and athletic build, he wants to create videos and live shows with unique stunts as well as unusual and challenging choreography.

Boris is ready to welcome all his fans and followers on a trip through Boris land.

The single Slingshot will be released on 15 January via Universal Music.

VINE 1,300,000


TWITTER 178,000

YOUTUBE 52,000

FACEBOOK 296,000

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