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Almost Awake - What Did I Do

Alternative Rock

Las Vegas
United States

Band Description

Almost Awake is a 5pc,female fronted rock band from Las Vegas.Ranging in age from 16-19,the band has risen quickly in just one year as a band with a strong following growing as a result of their melodic hooks,great guitar riffs and live shows.

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Artist Biography

Formed in mid-2014 Almost Awake came together when virtuoso guitarist Grady Jones and stellar drummer Gabe Conover teamed up with longtime friend and gifted 16 year old vocalist, Vick Liano. Addison Egelhoff came aboard on rhythm guitar bringing amazing stage presence, and finally Tommy Cochran brought his punk influence and attitude on bass, creating a unique combination of styles and songwriting and the phenomenon which is Almost Awake.
After the well-received release of their first EP ‘The Explorer’, the band has since produced several hit videos, including a popular rendition of 5 Seconds of Summer’s ‘Long Way Home’. They have just released their new single ‘What did I do’ available on ITunes in September and are currently working on a highly anticipated story video for their song ‘The Intruder’, set to release Halloween of 2015.
The band, which has garnered a huge following in a very short time and rave reviews from critics, was chosen from thousands of bands to represent the House of Blues Music Forward foundation after only a few months as a band and has since been selected for radio play by A.V.A. Live Radio, KGUP FM Emerge Radio, Extreme Radio X107.5, Mix 94.1, EGH Radio in the UK, Women of Substance radio, Music Inferno Radio, and many others.
Almost Awake has performed throughout the west coast with The Extreme Tour, played at the Mesa Music Festival, and opened for such acts as Escape the Fate, A lot like Birds Handguns, Roam, Hit the Lights and many more.

The Band
Vick Liano (16 yrs old) vocals, guitar
Grady Jones (19 yrs old) Lead and rhythm guitars
Gabe Conover (18 yrs old) Drums
Addison Egelhoff (17 yrs old) Rhythm guitar
Tommy Cochran (19 yrs old) Bass

Website: http://www.almostawakeband.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/AlmostAwakeLV
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/almostawake
Facebook @ https://www.facebook.com/AlmostAwake
Instagram @ http://instagram.com/almostawakelv/

Press Release
Jack Saint March 18, 2015 Albums, Articles, Music Reviews, New Album 1 Comment

Every now and then you come across a band that has a potential to be greater than what they seem to be. A band with a lot of talent , a lot of charisma , and a singer with a beauty that would make you tremble, Who am I referring to? I am referring to the Las Vegas based band , ALMOST AWAKE. This band is fronted by 16 year old, Vick Liano. her voice literally soothes your ears upon listening. Once the instruments are added in, it is a purely orgasmic feeling due to the awesome talent that these young musicians have.

Almost Awake band
Almost Awake band
Album Release

Almost Awake has recently released a 9 track album entitled The Explorer. You can find the link to the album of this article. Each song is more enticing than the song before. What I do like about the album is that each song has a different unique style which broadens the bands genre not just to a certain style that they can be stereotyped to. Below are the listed tracks :

The Intruder
Carry Me
Bonus Track (Album Only)- Ocean Eyes

Extras: (Album Only)

I Like Asians
Carry Me (Outro)
Flaming O
Band Members Bio

Vick Liano

16 years old I’ve been playing music since I was in the womb. My parents are the CEO’s of the United States so they paid for all my voice lessons and songwriting classes and I have a giant house in Summerlin. I have 63 dogs and two pet kangaroos. I have a giant waterfall pool that flows straight through the state of California to the Pacific Ocean. I also own the pacific ocean. I have 13 closets and 2 shoe closets and I own 7 acoustic guitars, 8 electric guitars, 4 bass guitars, 9 keyboards, 12 drum-sets, 3 xylophones, 5 saxophones. and an oboe, and I have a recording studio in my 800 acre backyard. I’ve been home-schooled since pre-k, I’m an only child, and I basically run everything in my sight. I’m totally kidding- I’m actually kinda poor and I just really love to sing.

Almost Awake band members
Grady Jones

Been playing guitar since I was about eight; all I ever really wanted to do. Love Satriani, Gilbert, Hendrix, Santana. Got to hang and jam with Satch and Gilbert last year onstage. Definite highlight! Love all kinds of music but really love my band.

Tommy Cochran

I love to play bass. My influences include Ean Evans, Marcus Miller, and Victor Wooten.

Addison Egelhoff

I play guitar.

Gabe Conover

Been playing drums for 3 years. Drum influences are Tony Royster Jr, Jeff Campitelli, Vinnie Colaiuta, and Thomas Pridgen. Band influences are Paramore, 30 Seconds to Mars, Switchfoot, Pvris, and the Foo Fighters. Glad to be surrounded by such a great group of people. Wouldn’t trade this band for anything.

Final Thoughts

After listening to the album over and over again, I began to think about how awesome it would have been if I was 16 years old and in an awesome band that got publicity through a site like ours. I would have loved an opportunity like this. That’s one of the main reasons I contacted these kids. I am a former Las Vegas Resident and I would have loved to get to see these kids perform and kickass on stage. I want these young musicians to keep pursuing their dreams and never take no for an answer. Their will be hard times and their will be awesome times, you are a band so stick together through the rough times and in the end will be an awesome experience in your life.

So EVERYONE check out this band and show them some support by buying their álbum!

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