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Zoo Pilot - Broken/Up

Alternative Indie Rock/Pop

United States

Band Description

Austin duo presents alternatingly serious and quirky British Invasion-inspired indie rock. Elements of Freakbeat and Paisley Underground characterized by complex chord structures, harmonies and arrangements.

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Artist Biography

Zoo Pilot is a recently formed indie rock/pop band based in Austin, TX. Comprised of former members from Sleep Station (Eyeball Records), Starboard Green, and The Grinches, they combine the classic pop sounds of bands like the Beatles, Kinks and Beach Boys with current indie sensibilities to create a unique and timeless sound.

The two main members, best friends Brad Paxton (lead vocals and guitar) and Josh Nichols (bass, keyboards, and drums) had been playing together and separately over the years before forming the band in 2012. With the group writing, recording and producing the songs from Brad’s home studio in South Austin, Zoo Pilot brings engaging storylines, complex arrangements and intricate melodies and harmonies back into the modern pop fold.

As they set to simultaneously release their first two full-length albums in 2015, the group looks forward to bringing their infectious sound and sometimes left-of-center lyrical themes to the many music fans of Austin and beyond.

Press Release
Zoo Pilot's ambitious debut album release entitled "Broken/Up" is actually two albums released simultaneously.  Individually titled "Broken" and "Up", the two are loosely concept albums within themselves, and, as a pair. Sonically and thematically, they represent very different halves of the whole project. Through the ten tracks on "Broken" a path enrooted in the five stages of grief is charted, whereas "Up" represents a counterpoint to sadness and depression at times so polarly different that it jaunts well into the realms of mania.
Neither album's lyrical content plays out in obvious alignment with these antithetical moods (they're not meant to be aural psychology courses), but thematically the songs on each are clustered together around axes of seriousness/grief and levity/carefreeness.
Zoo Pilot, led by singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist Brad Paxton, has two full-time members. Their debut album was recorded over the course of about 6 years (give or take) with most of the varied instruments played and self-recorded by the pair in their Austin, Texas home studios. It may have taken a long time for the endeavor to be fully realized, but the do-it-yourself approach was the optimal choice for the duo, allowing complete creative control and artistic expression during an undertaking of such musical breadth.

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