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Amen Alibi - Silence of the Truth (single)

Alt./Indie Rock

United States

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Rock n Roll, Independent Style.

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Rick Couture, Seven time award winning song writer of 30 years is the backbone of Amen Alibi playing acoustic guitar, drums, keys, backup vocals and harmonies, recording on  indie label Ravaka Records.
Rick, along with a vast array of talented musicians, have brought his musical compositions and ideas to audible life.
Amen Alibi's live setting consist of Rick, Johnny Sousa (recording partner and harp player for the band) and six Berklee College of Music musicians, who's resume' includes a Jefferson Starship tour.
Amen Alibi released their debut album "Leap of Faith" July 4, 2013 receiving a song writing award for the "I'm Dying" track, and their second album, "Addicted" on March 29, 2014, and has alredy received four songwrtiting awards.  "Break Down And Cry", "Go Some More" and "Blame It On The Moon" all made it to the top 30 on theDigital Radio Tracker rock charts. 

Press Release
August Press Release - Amen Alibi to Perform at "Live from Center Stage" in Denisport, MA FINAL
Amen Alibi to Perform at "Live from Center Stage" in Denisport, MA
Boston, Massachusetts, July 30, 2015: Amen Alibi is proud to announce they will be performing at “Live from Center Stage” at the Cape Cod Community Media Center in Denisport, MA. This concert will take place on September 18, 2015, at 9 p.m. Eastern time. The show will last one hour and will be broadcast live on Comcast channel 99 in the local area, as well as on Mercat, Periscope, Google+ Hangout, YouTube and Concert Window for those who can’t attend. The cost of the event is $10 per person and includes free beer and wine.
This live concert will feature an incredible new band lineup and will serve as the official release and promotion of both the new "Break Down and Cry" video, as well as the release of the new single, "The Silence of the Truth," which can be found on Amen Alibi's third, not yet released studio album, Vessels. These releases are exciting for the band, as well as for their fans.
Amen Alibi founder and lead singer, Rick Couture, states, “We’re really excited to see what our fans think of both the new video and the new single release. We’ve been working hard to put together an amazing set list that will keep all of our fans, old and new alike, happy.”
September 18, 2015 will be the official release date for the new single, which will be available for purchase on iTunes and Amazon at the same time it goes live at the concert. The new video will also go live on YouTube that night so those who can’t attend can view it.
This event will give the band even greater exposure and will give their listeners a sneak peek into what they have in store for their fans. The band has been busy recording the new album, putting the finishing touches on the "Break Down and Cry" video and spending time on the road. They are excited to come back to the Boston area and perform for their local fans.
Anyone interested in purchasing tickets for this event or learning about further details of the band’s projects can find out more by visiting the Amen Alibi website.
About Amen Alibi:  As an indie alternative rock group, Amen Alibi was formed by Rick Couture and Johnny Sousa. The band has released several albums, including their premier album, Leap of Faith, and their newest release, Addicted. The group also features a number of other musicians, creating a unique sound fans love. The group has enjoyed increasing success over the past year, including awards for their latest singles and album. The band is planning a number of concert appearances, giving them more exposure to their current and prospective fans.
Company: Amen Alibi
Address: 9 Pleasant Street
City: Assonet
State: MA
Zip code: 02702
Email address: amenalibi@gmail.com

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