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Zawezo Del'Patio - Zawezo Music Collection

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Zawezo Del'Patio: NYC, Dominican. Urban, Latin, Hip-Hop, Club, Romance, Pop,with Spanish and English lyrics. Zawezo has one passion in his life, to spend his days making music.“Music is Life”. Without music, the world would be a boring place.

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Zawezo has one passion in his life. It is to spend his days making music. Zawezo’s view is clear, “Music is Life”. Without music, the world would be a boring place.
Born in San Cristobal, Dominican Republic, Alex Garcia, a.k.a. Zawezo Del'Patio, found himself passionate about music at an early age. As a child, Zawezo enjoyed listening to American hip hop, such as Naughty by Nature, Wu Tang Clan, and MC Hammer. Acts like Michael Jackson and swing music inspired him to discover all music. Although he did not speak English, he soon learned how to sing every word and dance every step he saw in American music videos. Zawezo realized at an early age that he was born to pursue a career in music.
At ten years old, Zawezo began entering street battles in towns throughout his home country: Haina, San Cristobal, Los Mina, Enzanche, Ozama, and Santo Domingo. It wasn’t about winning or losing for Zawezo, it was simply about the music. After winning many battles, Zawezo was encouraged to take his street battles to the next level: the local clubs. Although he would face much older artists, his art prevailed enabling him to win his share of medals and trophies. Even at 16 during his tour of duty in the Dominican Republic Air Force, Zawezo still continued his music, battles and street venues. Music was now his life.
At nineteen, Zawezo’s life as he knew it was to change. He was on a plane to New York to live in the Bronx. With his desire for music running thru his veins, Zawezo became acquainted with local musicians and rapidly learned to speak English. It was there in the Bronx streets, the birthplace of Hip Hop, that Zawezo’s met his future recording partner Sensato and together they created the group Del'Patio; the next chapter in his musical career.
Del'Patio was first known as the underground urban hip-hop group from New York. They broke ground in the industry as one of the only groups at that time singing and rapping in Spanish. Their notoriety spread like wildfire within the industry and their fan base expanded just as fast. Zawezo – Sensato Del’Patio had made their mark. Each accomplishment brought them deeper into the world of music. They were destined for success as the industry was their co-sign. In 2007, Bridgez Magazine named the duo "Artists of Tomorrow". They began appearing everywhere – Univision's Sabado Gigante, (Spanish-language television's #1 program), MTV Tr3's "Sucker Free Latino, “ Mun2 (an NBC Universal network), and in 2008 Radio & Records Magazine listed one of their songs as the #6 most played single by Latino DJs in the U.S.
After years of hard work, dedication, and struggles, the group had a Hit Song titled “Watagatapitusberry” Zawezo-Sensato Del’Patio had accomplished a milestone in their careers. After more than a year of promotion and performing “Watagatapitusberry”, they received a call from Pitbull to remix the song. While Sensato signed with Pitbull, Zawezo respectfully declined Pitbull's offer. Zawezo wished his longtime friend and musical partner success while he launched his solo career.
As one door closes, another opens. Now Zawezo Del’Patio is looking forward to the future as a solo artist. He quickly returned to the booth and recorded his solo debut album titled "El Circo". Zawezo titled his album "El Circo" (The Circus) to reflect his mindset, "THE SHOW MUST GO ON". Currently Zawezo has been expanding his music catalog and working in the studio creating new music.  His creativity didn’t stop in the recording booth.  Zawezo has been filming and editing his new videos.  With one successful song under his belt, we are turning our focus to Spanish Remix of the 1978 #1 Hit “Le Freak” by Chic. (Neil Rogers Production) Zawezo has reached out to 2 of the original members of Chic. They are ready to lend their voices to the remix. This project will be fusing cultures, languages, and rhythms spanning generations. The original producer of the Smash Hit “Watagatapitusberry” has been contracted and begun production on our upcoming single, titled, “Freakio”.   Zawezo’s hard work, dedication to his craft, determination to succeed, and never wavering faith will allow him to accomplish his dreams.   Music is Zawezo’s way of leaving his mark on the world and God willing, inspiring generations to come that dreams can come true if you believe in yourself and never give up.

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